October 29, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up Fall 2012

This weekend was crazy town! We had a lot going on...but I like that! It keeps me busy. On Saturday I met up with Bree & fam to hang out with our good buddy Mo.  He's our mascot for the bank I work at.  I always have such a good time with them and we have become good friends over the years.

I can't believe this woman just had a baby a couple months ago....she looks FAB!

Someday I must get a pair of cowboy boots...I think that will be my official purchase as a Texan
I just love him.  He's such a beautiful animal...I wonder what he's thinking?
I also ordered this scarf from KiKi La'Rue
I love it...it's so soft and cozy.
Had a photo shoot Saturday morning with this sweet family :-)

Aren't they so cute!  Their daughter is just a doll!
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Connor and Ellie
They are totally BFF cousins...the relationship they have just melts my heart.
We are so blessed they get to spend each day together and love each other so much!
They sure have grown haven't they?
I also wanted to link up with Aly. She's doing a "You Wore Whaaaat?" Link Up:

I know we are twins and all...but this is just aweful.  It looks like curtains and we look so crazy! ha ha!
I'm sure it was totally in a that time!
Hope you all had a blessed weekend!  xoxo Becky


Sarah Kil said...

Lovin' that scarf on you, Becky! Glad you had a wonderful, fun-filled weekend!

Aly @ Analyze This said...

OMG! I thought these were PJ's at first!!! Haha!!!

Megan said...

That scarf is too freaking cute! i'm dying over that sweet cousins pic, they are so sweet. That last pic is hilarous! I hope Madison never looks back and thinks, what the heck was my Mom thinking when she dressed me?

Tristan said...


girll...you need some boots,sheesh.

haha..i think ya'll look cute, what is that pattern though..haha

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Becky I love love love that scarf! And look at those two lil' cousins, they're such cuties!

LWLH said...

Putting the side by side comparsions up....oh my goodness...the kiddies are sooooooo big.

In This Wonderful Life said...

love the scarf!!!! Such sweet pictures! I love fall!