October 27, 2012

Disney Fairy Fun!

A couple weeks ago we got a box at the door....it was full of beautiful fairy toys!  They are from Disney's new movie Secret of the Wings.
Tinker Bell, everyone’s favorite Disney Fairies character is back this October, in Disney Fairies newest movie, Secret of the Wings! In Tink’s latest adventure, she visits the forbidden and mysterious Winter Woods where her wings begin to magically sparkle. It’s only after she meets Periwinkle, a beautiful Frost Fairy, that she uncovers the truth behind the glow…they are long lost twin sisters!
Below is the Periwinkle doll, Sky High Periwinkle, & Light Up Wings!
I brought the toys over to our weekend family dinner for all the kids to play with.  They all had a great time playing with the fairy toys and wings.
My niece Ellie LOVED the wings! 
They light up with fiber optics and change to 6 different colors. 
My nephew Thomas playing with the Sky High Periwinkle
Here is a close up of Perwinkle. 
She looks just like Tinkerbell's twin sister from Winter Wonderland :-)
Niece Hannah styling Periwinkle
Experience the magic of Secret of the Wings, on October 23, 2012! For a sneak peek, please visit- www.disneyfairies.com or on Twitter & Facebook too!
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Tristan said...

Taylor-Austyn is getting this movie soon!! I'm excited..hahaha.