March 28, 2012

Midnight in Paris

These are the last of our vacay pictures.

We had the best time together, and as much as I love my day to day life with my baby boy and was so nice to get away just the two of us and reconnect.  I think every couple needs special time together because it's so easy to let your kids take priority and put your spouse second.  I know we both had the best time and we are already planning our next trip together!

I love traveling, minus the jet's a great experience.  I hope over the years we can see lots more of the world together.  With Connor boy too!

Enjoy the last of our travel pictures & I hope you enjoyed our journey through England & Paris :-)

Notre Dame

The next day we visited Montmartre in Paris.  It is where all the artists hang out, there are lots of local stores, and a beautiful chapel on the hill.

French onion soup for lunch

It took me awhile to find an artist to draw a picture of Connor from my phone.  Apparently that is frowned upon.  But this nice guy did it for me and I was so excited! Yay!  Now we have to get that thing framed's a beautiful picture of Connor.

FYI- My purse is from 31 gifts!  If you buy from Kodi you can get one too and some of the money will go towards Amber and her boys :-)

I hope ya'll are having a great week!

xoxo friends



Krista said...

Notre Dame looks beautiful! The two times I visited, it was being refurbished, so there was scaffolding all over.
These posts make my heart yearn to be overseas, somewhere, anywhere. Someday soon, I hope. Thanks for sharing!

Elle said...

You have a gift for photography! All these pictures have been amazing!

carrie1 said...

It looks so pretty there! =) I agree with Elle.. your pictures are amazing!!

Jamie said...

Gorgeous pictures!

Just Jennifer said...

Love the pictures, you can feel like you are there almost!

LWLH said...

It really is the City of Lights, isn't it :)