March 28, 2012

Love & Loss

In life when you lose someone you love it makes you re-evaluate your own life.  You think of how you are really living each day.  You kiss your husband and kids a little tighter.  You start to pray to God more than you have been....and should have been.

And once the numbness wears off you go back to living life the way you were.  It's sad but true. 

I remember when I lost my Papa a couple years ago it took weeks to start feeling "normal" again.  Then I slowly realized he wasn't here anymore and he wasn't coming back.  The loss I felt in my heart wasn't as fresh as it once was & I began to fill my life with other things.  Anything to take the place of thinking of him not being with us.  

That pain turns to acceptance. I eventually realized he was much better off than I was.  He was in Heaven.  A much better place than I am at!  Everyone is going to die, it's a fact.  It's going to happen.  We aren't promised tomorrow.  It's just harder when that someone is taken so young or unexpectedly.  There really isn't an explanation for why this happens???  All I know is God has the ultimate plan.  He knows and foresees EVERYTHING beyond our own understanding.  We don't know his plan for our lives, but He knew.....even before we were knitted in the womb. 

Thank you all for your love and support for my dear friend Amber.  I have only known her for a couple years, but her friendship has meant more to me than she probably will ever know.  She's a stronger person than I am.  I would be in the bed in the fetal position if anything happened to Terence. 

She's shown such strength and grace during this time.  She's a strong person and great mother.

I have had a couple other wonderful ladies contact me in regards to helping Amber and her family.  I'm not sure what's going to happen.  I know Brett had just started a new job, and I'm not sure if his life insurance or any of that had kicked in yet.  I just know they could use any help you feel called to give.  A meal, a hug, a prayer....anything!  They are all felt.

Kodi has graciously offered to donate her 31 Gifts commission towards Amber's family.  You can place an order HERE on her site.  Once you place the order please email Kodi directly at and let her know it's for the Maddux family.
There is a monthly special for a mini utility bin for $8 when you spend $31

Also Cecily has offered to donate her profit for the month of April to Amber's family. She is a skin care and beauty consultant for Artistry which is a brand of Amway Global. Her website is HERE. Anything purchased through the month of April she will lovingly donate.

You can also still donate to a fund I've set up below.

Just hit the DONATE button.


Tristan said...

i am praying with out cease or them!!!!!!

LWLH said...

Praying. So heartbreaking.