March 29, 2012

The Most Comfortable Shoes. Ever.

I recently got the most wonderful pair of shoes.  They are called Vivobarefoot.  I always wear flats because my feet just can't handle heels.  We went to the mall last Saturday and I wore these all day....normally at the end of our trip my feet are aching to sit down.  I actually didn't have any aching or soreness after our trip to the mall!  These shoes are SO comfortable ya'll!

About Vivobarefoot shoes :

In 2003, Terra Plana became pioneers of the barefoot movement by launching VIVOBAREFOOT, the first minimalist shoe with a patented, ultra thin puncture resistant sole that offers maximum sensory feedback and maximum protection. 70% of your brain’s information for movement comes from the nerves on the soles of your feet. The more you can feel the ground, the greater your body’s understanding of its surroundings and natural movement.

In 2010, the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Harvard University, both released studies to support that barefoot reduces injuries, reserves energy, and improves technique.
I urge you to give these shoes a try.  They also have shoes for kids and men too! 

If you have ever had issues with your feet you'll love these shoes! 

Check them out on :

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Brittany said...

Maybe if they weren't so ugly / granny looking..l

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with Brittany. They are pretty old lady looking. But glad they are comfortable!

Just Jennifer said...

OMG I didn't want to say it, but yeah they definitely aren't cute! However, I know it's important to take care of our feet because they help lead to wellness all over our bodies... maybe these could be for days when I'm wearing long boot cut jeans so you can't really see them? I'm always willing to try something once and these look like a great alternative to the separate toe shoes that are WRETCHED!

abi said...

I recently got some Merrell Barefoot mary janes that are fun and bright yellow that I love! So comfortable and I think they are pretty cute. I am wearing them in a photo on my blog that you can see today.