October 20, 2011

Random Thoughts Thursday

Did I mention I dyed my hair dark for fall?
This is a crappy picture...but here it is!
 My booger before work this morning
Gosh, it's been so hard to leave him every day.  Connor has been EXTRA clingy lately & doesn't want me to go.  He just cries and cries...it hurts my heart....I just try to run out as fast as I can & not think about it : /
I drove past In N Out Burger yesterday and saw this....
I guess this is how we do it in Texas?
 I love this picture of Connor
He got caught with scissors & his expression was priceless.

His little Frankenstein outfit is from Been There Done That.  A friend from AR started a boutique and has the cutest clothing on there at great prices!  Go like her page and tell her I sent ya!
 And for yet another year our neighbors have totally outdone themselves with the Halloween decor....
Whelp...I have got LOTS of work to get done!
Have a great day ya'll!


Tristan said...

he better not cut his pretty hair..ahh..lol..he's so cute!!

omg..that is crazy decor!

Tiff said...

I too, love that hair! :)

Cheryl E. said...

Girl you can pull off any hair color I swear...not fair! I dyed my hair dark when I was pregnant....BIG MISTAKE. I hated it but I think being so huge played a part.

Just love that little naughty sweet face. Is he excited for halloween?

Aly @ Analyze This said...

I love your hair!! You look so great!!! You are so photogenic - I'm jealous!!!

And Mr. C ... adorable as always! Love that crazy, blonde hair!

Jillian said...

1. Love the hair!
2. He is adorable!
3. Oh my word the decorations!!

Linds said...

that decor?!?! Just like my parents former neighbors in Little Rock... why do people do that for HALLOWEEN?!?!

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

LOL! Love that "Got caught with scissors" face!!!

Saw your post below about Aromatique Candles. That used to be a huge treat when we'd visit the store/factory ( I grew up not to far from Heber!). Amaretto Nog was by far their best...I really wish they'd bring it back!

Lil' Woman said...

Love the hair...the dark looks cute on you! :)