March 4, 2011

1 Year Ago Today

Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

Today you are one year old.  I cannot tell you enough how much joy and love you have brought into our lives this past year.  It's been so exciting every day watching you grow and learn something new and seeing the world through your eyes.  It's definitely been the most challenging year we've ever had, but we wouldn't change it for the world.  Every day is a new adventure and I never knew I could feel such love in my heart. We love you to the moon and back!

If you missed Connor's birthday party post go HERE



How it all began -

Dating days (circa 2000)
Married August 4, 2001
Just the two of us (circa 2008)
July 2009 we found out about YOU!
October 2009 - It's a BOY!
Pregnant with Connor

......8 1/2 years after we were married......

We finally were blessed with you!

All that wishing & waiting was so worth it!
Right before you entered the world
March 4, 2010
(We were so nervous and excited!)
9 lb. 14 oz.
21 inches
10 Days Old
Getting used to my new home :)
Growing up every day!
Now you are such a big boy!
We wrote "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on our driveway yesterday
You had fun with all the chalk
You are definitely a get into everything!
Look at that chalky booty!
I love you so much!  God is so good and I thank him every day for your life. 
 I don't know what I'd do without you my sweet precious boy!



Amanda Roo said...

Happy Birthday Connor!

Kristen and Andy said...

Happy 1st Birthday Connor!!!! Can't believe a whole year has passed and how big he has gotten!

What a sweet post - so fun to look back how far you've come! Congrats Mom (& Dad) too - y'all survived the 1st year of parenthood :) What an adventure!!

Erin said...

Happy birthday Connor :) I love the driveway pics cute idea! They change so much in a year, and become such fun little people. Love the photo timeline too :)

Melissa said...

Happy birthday Connor!!

Heather B. said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to the Connor that has the same name as my Connor!!! Hope your day was super special!!!!!

Courtney said...

Happy 1st Birthday Conner!

Linds said...

happy birthday connor!

and oh my word. that dating circa picture... PRICELESS.

Mrs. Bee said...

Aww! Happy Birthday sweet Connor! He is so adorable! This was such a great post for me because I started reading your blog after Connor was born so it was kinda cool to have a summary of things and catch up a little through pictures! I hope you and your family have a fantastic weekend!


Lil' Woman said...

Happy Birthday Connor!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Connor! Can't believe it's been a year...time flies by doesn't it. He is such a cutie! that blue top on you...great color! Have a great weekend :)

Tristan said...

Sweet Connor..wowzers, I can't believe he is one!!!

~M~ said...

Happy Birthday to Connor!!

Becky said...

Happy first birthday Connor!

Jacquie said...

I had forgotten he was SO BIG!!! I have totally enjoyed spending this year with Connor!!

Happy Birthday, Connor!!

Anonymous said...

This post is great! Ha, he even looks like his Daddy when he came out! Happy Birthday!