March 7, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

It's been a crazy busy weekend...but what weekends aren't these days?  My house is never clean anymore and I just finished my 4th load of laundry...sigh.  Eventually I'll start to feel organized again I hope! 

I'm thankful for the mountains of laundry and all the lost tiny socks.  I'm thankful for a sleepless night because of a teething baby...there are lots of people out there who are longing for those things.  Who dream of those "problems" if you will.  I remember what it feels like to long for motherhood....I know this blog has a LOT of pictures of Connor and looking at them you may think "Gosh doesn't she have anything else to talk about or take pictures of!" The truth is Terence and Connor are my life along with all the good, the bad, and the ugly.  I can't change that, I can't not feel what I feel for these people I love, I have to live my own life without regret.... and this is my life now.

I enjoy taking pictures of him.  Pictures are my memories.  Even now I catch myself looking at the picture folder labeled "Connor" on the desktop and wondering where all the time has gone?  I get so caught up with the little tasks of the day and my own selfish needs I never want to forget....this is what I wanted so badly.  When I whine and complain about a crying baby or Terence does something I don't like I just have to remember that.  I wouldn't change if for the world.  The dark circles under my eyes, the smell of diapers in the air, the stains on my carpet all remind me that my home is full.....and I am blessed. 

I am continuously praying for all of you longing for these things.  I can say "I know" and "I can relate".....but until those prayers are answered for you I know that you think "Well her prayers were answered why aren't mine???"  I can't answer that.  I know how I would feel....hurt, angry, bitterness.  These things can eat you up inside, and they were starting to in my own life.  Life can change in an instant.  All I know is God has an ultimate plan beyond our own understanding, and His plan is better than any plan we could have mapped out ourselves.

xoxo Becky


We helped Connor celebrate his birthday Friday night with our friends Adam & Christa at Joe T's in Fort Worth.  They have a great outdoor patio and the weather was perfect!  We enjoyed chicken fajitas, cheese enchiladas, and some margaritas :)  Thanks Adam and Christa for helping up celebrate ya'll are so dear to us!
Connor had his first visit to Toys R Us this past weekend as well.  It was so funny!  We walked down every isle and he was just beside himself!  Everything was "Ooooooh!!!!!"  His expression was priceless.  God I love this kid :)  He definitely keeps like interesting and fun!
We tried out some wagons and saw some cute owls.  Dad was really interested in looking at the remote control cars.  I'm sure this is the first of many trips to Toys R Us!!!
We got a cute Noah's ark set
Isn't that precious???

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!!


Angie said...

That Noah's Arc set is so cute...he will love that for years to come....y'all should get the Nativity set too.

I love your disclaimer about this is your life. You are just like me...we love to post all our memories on our blogs for years to come.

Layla is starting to read A TON! I can't wait for her to read back through our family blog!

Tristan said...

I hear baby and hubs are my life..ugh..and i hated being the one with out the baby, it is so hard.

Connor is so cute, so big..ahhh.
His bday card is but surely!!
I love that little arc set!

Linds said...

cute! We have the nativity set and Brayden LOVES it. He is always asking for "his Jesus!" :)

I love your opening comments. It's so easy to lose perspective sometimes. Thanks for the reminder!

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I love this post. So sweet.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Oh my gosh, the look on his face in the store is sooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think this blog just shows that you are an amazing mother! I can't wait to fill my blog with pictures and posts all about the love of my life that I someday hope to have!

Lil' Woman said...

My nephew goes nuts when we got to Toys For Us --> that's what he calls it.

Cheryl E. said...

Oh my goodness...those pics of him in Toys r Us are priceless! ADORABLE!