March 18, 2013

Blogger Biggest Loser Winner!!!

I had the hardest time choosing a winner for this challenge.  You all did great and far exceeded my own progress.  I look forward to watching your continued success too!  Maybe we'll do a 6 month progress report???
In the mean time anyone is more than welcome to use the Blogger Biggest Loser button and continue to carry the torch.  Obviously I've had a lot going on and (honestly) am not the best person to be heading this up! 
Congratulations to....
I chose Heather because not only has she lost over 12 pounds but she's been super inspiring to myself and all the other people in the challenge.  She's a wife and mom to 2 beautiful girls.  She's motivated and I can tell she's going to be one FOXY mama!!!! (No pun intended).
Heather you did great and I think you truly deserve this win!  Good luck to you and all who participated and stuck with it thus far...we had a lot of people drop out, but so happy for those who stuck with it!
Check out my friend Ashley.  She has a very inspiring weight loss story too!  So proud of her!
Thanks again to all our sponsors and I wish you well and many blessings as we all continue this journey to get fit and feel good! 

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Heather Fox said...

Thank you so much! I never win anything! I loved all the accountability this gave me, so thank you! You are too kind!

Tristan said...

yay!!!! i love heather!

Alphabet Soup Momma said...

Congrats Heather!! That is awesome!

Francie@EscovedoEscapades said...

Yay! Congrats, Heather!!