February 7, 2013

Thank You.

Yesterday's Post:
I appreciate everyone's advice and comments...kind words etc.  I also understand a lot of you didn't agree with why I decided to post a video of my child throwing a tantrum.  Honestly, I wasn't "planning" on video taping him....I did it so I could show Terence how he was acting.  Apparently he never acts that way around anyone but ME?  So originally it was just between us.  Then I start to re-evaluate my parenting methods.  I was looking for advice, maybe a shoulder for support.  I wasn't seeking out attention in any way whatsoever.        
I love blogging and the support group that we have.  Thank you all for your advice, which I will now use and take into consideration on our next shopping trip!  
Love yuns bunches.....
Now I'm getting back to work!
Fully caffeinated of course!

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Linds said...

The fact that people were negative about it blows my mind. EVERYONE has a child that does that ATLEAST one time. If anything it makes the rest of us (or atleast me) breath a sigh of relief that I'm not the only one.

One thing I did think about later that has helped a *little* bit is positive reinforcement. So before we get out of the car I say "you guys have to sit in the cart. And if you're obedient you get ..." the treat is sometimes the free cookie Walmart gives in the bakery, or if we're not at Walmart I'll sometimes stash some sweet tarts or something non-meltable in the car and they each get 1 piece when they have been cooperative through the store and getting back into the car. If they start acting up in the store, I simply remind them of the reward waiting on them and they tend to straighten up. I've only had to not give the candy once or twice.

liant1215 said...

There should be no shame in posting that video. It's real life and I know many people can relate to that exact situation. Like yours, my son also does not act like that around my husband. So I feel your frustrations. Keep your head up. There is no one method that will work for everyone and every child is different. Thanks for keeping it real!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Just a case of you being real and some people not being able to handle it. I don't have kids but I do feel like I know you fairly well for the blog world and you're a good mom. Who cares about the negative crap.

Leslie said...

Someone once told me that kids are often at their worst around their parents because they feel comfortable and secure enough to let it all out and still be loved. Take it as a compliment that Connor feels safe enough with his mama to let his ugly out! :) Hope there was more positive than negative yesterday...we mamas have to stick together!

Karen A said...

I can't believe people were negative about that! Every child has acted out like that in public at least once! Crazy!