February 19, 2013

Sprout is Growing

Sometimes I just love the look of black and white photos.  They added a new dock on the other side of our neighborhood for fishing this summer.  It's really nice.  When I close my eyes I can see Papa fishing with Connor and Jarrett at the farm in Arkansas.....he would have loved that!  The boys would have loved him.  :-)
It amazes me how fast this little fellow has grown.  In a couple weeks he'll be 3 years old.  I remember when he couldn't even climb the stairs of this playground by himself, and now here he is climbing the "rock wall".

 Precious moments and a precious boy....who could ask for a better thing?

Connor's new preschool is going really well!  He's loving it and runs in each day instead of crying when I leave.  That only happened the first week. 
His classroom got a new pet named Charlie the Hamster.  SHE is really cute. 
Connor still misses his cousin Ellie a lot.  Afterall, they have spent almost every day together since they were born.  They are 22 hours apart and loooooove each other.  We had Ellie spend the night Friday and I think they both enjoyed that.
How was your weekend/Monday?
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Jenn Adams said...

Glad to hear that he is doing well in school! The pictures at the park are beautiful!
And he looks like he had a blast with her! So cute!

LWLH said...

That's my comment above, I don't know why it posted anonymous.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Ah he is getting SO big! Soon he'll be breaking hearts ;-)

Tristan said...

oh my goodness, how can he almost be three!!!!
so cute!