December 6, 2012

DFW Bloggers Christmas Party

This group of girls is the bomb diggitty. 
For realz.  Every.Single.One. is awesome!
Megan did the best job ever on the decorations and without her and Julie this affair would not be as fabulous as it turned out!  They did a great job!
We had fun wining and dining.  Mingling and jingling our ornaments around.  It was so much fun.  The food was great, the wine was excellente'!!! 
We had an ornament exchange.  We decided to do it dirty Santa style.  Some people got switched up on several times....but regardless all the ornaments were beautiful and it was fun!
The yummy pizza
Everyone opening their ornaments!
 Thank you girls for a great time!
I can't wait until our next get together that someone else will hopefully plan :-)
And thank you to Sarah for the photos...I freaked and forgot my camera (which is usually attached to my hip) thank you so much Sarah for sharing the photos with all of us!
xoxo Becky
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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Looks like SO MUCH FUN! I keep trying to plan a get together near me but it's so hard, everyone has such busy schedules, grr.

Amber said...

I'm so sad I missed this one, it looks like y'all had a blast!

Taylor @ Goings on in Texas said...

Girl, you rocked at hosting. ;) xoxo

Jules said...

You did just as much as Megan and I, just in a different capacity and many would say that you had the worst part of it. Great post and I love the effect you did on our group pretty!

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

So much fun! Glad to finally meet everyone!

Nicole M. Hutchison said...

SO. MUCH. FUN. You and the other girls are the hostesses with the mostesses (that's a lot of esses). Big hugs, Friend!!!!

Nicole @ Three 31

LWLH said...

What fun! I would love to have a blog Christmas party. :)