October 8, 2012

Life Moments: A Birthday & Engagment

I'm thankful to be off today with my Connor boy. Thank you Lord for federal reserved holidays! I have prepped our meals for this week and done some laundry! Now if I can just get this kid down for a nap I'll be golden ;-)
Friday night we celebrated Terence's cousin Macy's boyfriend aka NOW fiance's 30 birthday!  She had no idea he was going to propose and he had no idea she was throwing him a little surprise get together.  We were so excited to be there and share their special time.  Also, very nice to have an adult night out.  We are so thrilled for them and they'll have beautiful red headed babies someday!!!  ha ha!
We also celebrated Benjamin (our nephew)'s 3rd birthday!
Connor just loves going and visiting his cousins.  It's always a great time when we get together.
Oldest nephew Thomas
Hannah & Terence
Hannah & I writing HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the chalkboard!
Terence and Connor
Connor eating some Spider Man cake
Opening presents
I hope that wasn't my piece???
Thank you all for having us!
We are also going to be welcoming a niece and another nephew this next year!!!
These three boys will now have a little sister....they better be nice to her :-)

Everyone knows I am a little picture happy.  I just enjoy capturing the moments through my camera.  I'm so thankful I have all the photos to look back on and reminisce.  Perhaps that's why I keep this blog.....

Why a lot of us blog, to capture life moments and share, support, and love.....

This weekend a sweet girl named Julee lost her husband, Matt, in a car accident.   I've been reading her blog for a few years now and have enjoyed reading about their journey to parenthood. I cannot imagine how she is feeling and how much her heart is aching right now.  They have a precious little girl who is almost a year old.  Each day we get up and go about living our daily lives....never thinking anything more.  Truth is this life and time here on Earth is precious.  It's short.  It's not eternal.  It's a flicker of what is to come.   I know someday this family will be reunited, and that gives me peace.  It also makes me re-evaluate my own life whenever a situation like this comes up.  It's horrible losing someone, especially your soul mate and partner in life.  We don't know God's plan for us...only He knows.  Would you please join me in lifting this family up in prayer right now as they are going through the unthinkable? 

I know several people have put together fund raisers for Julee and Preslee.  HERE & HERE

Julee know we are thinking of you both during this time....

Much Love, The Branch Family
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Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

Great weekend and such a cool surprise engagement!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Aw looks like an awesome weekend!

Claire Kiefer said...

I cannot believe how much Connor looks like Terence. It's uncanny! And I'm heartbroken to hear about Julee . . I don't know her, but I cannot imagine what she is going through. I don't even want to imagine. Will be praying for her . . .