September 17, 2012

Monday Gobbledy Goop

This past weekend I spent a lot of time sleeping in and laying around in my was awesome.

Disclaimer:  Regarding yesterday's post: I am not condoning diet pills are the answer to all your weight loss issues at ALL.  I am just saying I'm going to try it and see how it goes ALONG with a sensible diet and exercise.  I was doing was rather hard for me as I do not eat meat and get my protein from other sources such as greek yogurt, cottage cheese, nuts, peanut butter, etc.

Speaking of eating issues:

I can't get this kid to eat anything but macaroni and cheese, grilled cheese, or chicken and fries.  Is this normal?  Is this just a phase.  We had a crying fit last night because he wouldn't eat the lasagna I made....I mean as long as he's getting a veggie I am fine with whatever.  I just want him to get enough nutrition.  He still will ONLY eat those pureed veggies in the pouches too.....UGH... feeding a 2 year old is rough yo!

Furbys are back.  OMG.  These things scared the crap out of me when I was younger.  They reminded me of that movie Gremlins.  I couldn't sleep for weeks.  I do recall these monsters would go off while I was sleeping and make funky noises too.  Did ya'll have one???

They are like $54 dollars????


I don't remember them being that expensive?

Aren't these the cutest stamps?

Actually they may not have been that brilliant of an idea because Connor thinks they are stickers :/
I am a BLONDIE again!!! Thanks to my fabulous friend and hairstylist Jenne-if you ever want her info she is so nice and will do you good!
My Dad used to get us these clown cones from Baskin Robbins.  Memories aaaaahhhh!!!

It was so cute Connor loved it....but a super duper mess indeed!

We went looking at some new homes across the street from our neighborhood. They were beautiful! I love this house, the details in the kitchen were so well done. We really like this builder too! Maybe had a theater room upstairs and an extra bedroom/bath beyond that balcony area. It was VERY open though.....maybe too open for us. But we will keep this builder in mind for a future home for sure! I love looking at houses :-)
 Hope you all have a blessed week!

xoxo Becky


Rebecca Jo said...

WHAT? How much? I think we still have some original furby's in a box down in storage... wonder if that'll pay for my retirement?

amy said...

I have had the food talk with many a moms. And I sought advice from my Dad (who is Ped) and I have come to the conclusion that it is a phase. Kids will get what they need when they need it. When my son was 1-3 we pretty much put the food on his plate and asked for him to eat it. If he did not then I would make something quick (sandwhich, applesauce, ect.) but no desert unless food was eaten. Now that he is 3, we make him try whatever we are having. Two bites of each, then if you still don't like I will make you peanut butter. Half the time he decides its good and eats, other half, he is eating a sandwhich. No desert unless something is eaten. My goal is by 5 he will understand more. But he goes to school from 7:30-5pm everyday and is super tired by dinner. Its not worth the fit in the little time we have. He know the ground rules, we stick to them and that is that.

PS. Those veggie pouches are gross. My 1 year old loves them too!

R said...

I LOVE looking at houses too!! And your blonde hair looks fabulous!! Hope you have a great week!!

Christy said...

The only thing I can get my little one to eat is speghetti, lasagna, CFA chicken nuggets, apples and grapes. He's two also.

Creativeschmidt said...

Haha, I had a Furby in college and it terrified my roommate. She still talks about it! ;-) And my (now 6 year old) son was a HORRIBLE eater. He was a chicken nugget maniac and I battled him at meal times. Awful! He did out grow it though, thank the Lord! And intriguing book I bought when I was struggling with him was : it offered some helpful ideas. Just take a deep breath at meal times and remember : this won't last forever. ;-) Keep offering him a variety of colorful, healthful foods and as he gets older you can insist that he take "3 bites" or "taste the lasagna" before getting down, otherwise he can't watch Thomas, etc. ;-) TWO is tough when you have a picky eater. Good luck!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Furbies are SO CREEPY. They are TOTALLY like Gremlins! Don't feed them after Midnight!

Melissa said...

Ahh, furby's are so creepy! I can't believe the cost either!

Shoshanah said...

Yes, I definitely remember the furbies talking in the middle of the night. I had one, I guess obviously from my first comment, but didn't spend the time needed with it so it never really started speaking English.

Ashley said...

I'm positive they were not that much! But I had one that used to talk while I was sleeping and it drove me crazy! Needless to say I won't be buying a new one. ;)

- ashley