June 12, 2012

Shoot Your Kids Workshop

Ya'll know I'm a crazy picture taking Mama right?

I mean I have soooooo many photos of Connor boy that I am going to need another hard drive soon. 


These are some shots I took last week. 

Connor loves to lay in our bed and watch movies...and because he's still most of the time I can catch a decent photo.

I'd like to think I know a lot about my camera and taking photos.  For the most part I do.  I know how to get a photo to look the way I want.  I still have a lot to learn and I do like to continue learning to photog skills. 

Enter the Shoot Your Kids Workshop:

"The Shoot Your Kids Workshop is seriously the best beginner's workshop. Ever.  Presented by Benfield Photography, this three hour workshop will teach you to take better images of your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, or best friend's kids.

Though Dale has been a professional photographer for over a decade (check out their blog here) he was seriously stumped when his daughter Ellie first came on the scene seven years ago. Unlike soon-to-be brides at their engagement shoot, this precious newborn could hardly stay awake for five minutes after she ate let alone pose- how was he supposed to work with that?!?!

Gradually he learned that by combining his background in photojournalism, his life long love of photography, and his adoration of his daughter (and her unique personality) he was able to capture beautiful images of their everyday life and now he wants to pass these skills along to you!

Whether you have a point and shoot with no fancy settings or a DSLR that hasn't come out of the box since Christmas, this workshop can help. Whatever equipment you currently have, Dale (and his awesome wife Meredith) will teach you how to use it to take better images of your kids. Lighting, composition, Photoshop tricks- they cover all of these too in everyday language that anyone could understand. These skills will give you images for scrapbooks, blog posts, and Facebook updates that you will be proud of!!

They are going to ten different cities in the month of August and will be here in Dallas on Saturday August 11th during the early afternoon. (Check back here for more details on the "what time and where" in a few weeks!)

The best part? They have offered me and my lovely readers $50 off the cost of the workshop by using the code JAVAMAMA50 by July 11th! Isn't that awesome??

To take advantage of this offer hurry over to the Shoot Your Kids website and then click the "Sign Up!" button on the right side of almost any page. See you there!"

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Lindsay said...

I think he looks just like your hubby in the 1st photo- too cute!

Brittany said...

Lol at the title

brynn girdler said...

Those photos are so presh!!!!! He is absolutely beautiful! Just thought i'd share. :)

LWLH said...

Gorgeous pics Becky!!