June 11, 2012

More than just Blog Friends

We had a great weekend.  And let me just say it's already blubbering hot here in Texas I can hardly stand it!

Terence and I have been dealing with sinus issues as well.  My ears are still clogged and I'm ready to hear again.  I think I've had people repeat themselves a thousand times already today!

On Saturday we met up with Megan, Brent, & the twinsies, Helen from Kappa Prep, Brittany from Mrs. Preppy, and Kathryn from 2 Little Lovelies.
All these gals are just so nice. I mean you know them online and then you meet in person and they are just as nice and sweet as you imagined. I feel truly blessed to have met so many great friends through blogging.

I've been dying to see the twins (Knox & Sloane) for ages now! I was so excited! Let me just say these babies are just BEAUTIFUL and have the sweetest personalities too! I got to snuggle with them and they are so precious! Things have definitely changed since the last time we met up.

My heart is so full seeing Brent and Megan with these sweet babies. It's amazing how God works and blesses us in ways we can't begin to imagine. We will all always remember Cohen....and he'll always be a part of their lives. He would be around Connor's age now. We'll see him again someday in Heaven :-)
Snuggles with Knox
Brent & Sloane
Connor watching a movie on the phone
Sweet girls hug!

We had a great time and it was so nice to see and meet some of you for the first time!

Until next time....

xoxo Becky

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Classy Fab Sarah said...

So so so fun that you get to meet up with such awesome bloggy friends!!

You all are so gorgeous!

Sara said...

I love meeting up with blog friends. It seems like we all have so much in common, but wouldn't know each other if not for blogging.

In this wonderful life... said...

such a sweet post, friend!! You are amazing and I'm so glad to be friends!! xoxo

Perfectly Imperfect said...

looks like such a fun time!! i love getting to meet blog friends.