May 10, 2012

Wittlbee Box

We finally received our first Wittlebee box!  Yay!  I was so excited about this because it was a don't know what you are going to get.  Wittlebee is a site where you answer questions about your child: size, age, style, color choices.  Then a stylist will talk with you about what you like.  You pay $19.99 and get a box full of clothing each month!

For the $19.99 price I believe you have to use a coupon code: "50"

Here is what Connor boy got:

He was really into trying on his Daddy's boots from Iraq.  It was so funny!

We got this plaid shirt, which I love, but I can't remember the's not something I have heard of.  It's really cute on him and well made.

 Kenneth Cole swim shorts for summer
 Knit shorts from Carters & Children's Place
 Gray polo and plaid shorts from Children's Place
Two solid t-shirts from American Apparel
They were very soft cotton

I was very pleased with my first box and I think we got a lot of cool stuff for $20 bucks!  Thank you Wittlebee!!!

(Wittlebee has no idea I'm talking about them...I just think this is too cool!)


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the workaholic momma said...

YAY!!! Looks like you got some great stuff - I signed up through their Plum District Deal a few weeks back and can't wait to get my first box!!! Thanks for sharing all of the good stuff you guys got!

LWLH said...

You always have him dressed so cute Becky, love that plaid shirt.

Heather B. said...

I am so excited about our first box!! I tried to use your '50' code and it says it is expired!! :( but I did get $10 off so I ordered anyway!!

Debbie said...

My 1 year old just got that grey shirt and plaid short set for his birthday last week. SOOO cute. Can't wait for him to wear it! :)