April 13, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Big shout out to Krystyn!  Thank you so much for helping me with my domain issues! 

I am now officially at

(If you don't mind can you update it for yourselves too!)

But- http://www.terenceandbecky.com/ will be forwarded to this new address  :-) Yay!

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I'm linking up with Lauren today at From My Grey Desk for her fun Friday link up !


High five for fun earrings!  My new shorter hairdo really shows them off!
On the left are the Amrita Singh ones I got for FREE from Sneakpeeq!
 High five for summer time and fresh herbs.
Terence also brought me home a rosemary plant and it's smells devine!
 High five for curls
Someone will have to hold me if this baby ever loses these goldy locks!
 High five for free makeup and skincare samples

I went with my co-worker Mimi yesterday to an open house at her "face man" aka dermotologist.
They took this crazy picture that shows the sun damage on your face.....scary!!!
 Look at all the goodies we scored!!! Woohoo! I love to play with new makeup and stuff :-)
 High five for sweet bloggy friends!

Taylor Austyn is Connor's girlfriend only they've never met.  Apparently TA likes to shower her men with Elmo and money so Connor kinda likes that! Ha ha!   Her Momma and I have been good blog buddies for years now and she's honestly one of the SWEETEST people you will ever come across.  Thank you Tristan and TA we love you all!!!
Hope you all have a great Friday!


Lacy said...

So glad you got everything worked out with the switch.

Hopefully Connor will be like Greg.. When Greg was Connor's age his hair look just like that. We cut it and the curls went away because Jon cut his hair so short. However as it grew out the curls came back. Greg is 3 and he a curly little afro. Ha

LWLH said...

I love Connor's little curls :)

Bobbi said...

I understand your fear of your son losing his curls, I have the same fear about Ian's. Do you use any product on his?

Bobbi said...

I also joined in this is the first friday link up I have found that I think I could do every week.

I tried it out on http://www.bobbibabbles.com

Cari Leigh said...

Love, love your sons hair, my brother had hair like that, so cute!

You must be loving your shorter 'do!

Tristan said...

i always where sunscreen..thatd be cool to see..and scary..eekk!

omg..i will feel the samw about TA if she looses her curls!
And she is over the moon looking at Connor and his card!