April 5, 2012

Girls Night Out!

With kiddos that is.....

Last night Amber and our boys met up at the Olive Garden for dinner.  They boys ate their weight in bread sticks and alfredo & the Moms got some fab drinks! I wanted to get together and check on my gal.  She's doing so well and staying so strong after everything that's happened in the last week. 

The blogging community has been so wonderful & I know Amber was so thankful for all the donations received for her and the boys :-)  You all are so amazing, the way God works through this community is even MORE amazing!  Such a blessing.  THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART.

Amber and baby Kaydon.  He's getting so big already!
Connor & Kylon coloring and throwing silverware all over the restaurant

Look at that alfredo sauce dripping down their faces??? 
It was so precious.  Kylon was wearing a Thomas the Train shirt.  It had clouds on it and he turned to Connor and pointed to the clouds and said "That's Heaven and that's where my Daddy's at"


Bless that child.  That made my day.

I had a great time Amber.  Know I am praying for you and thinking of you constantly and we are always here for you!  You have been such a blessing in my life and thank you for being such a wonderful friend!


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Emily said...

I've been praying for your friend, Amber after finding her blog a week or so ago through yours. I am so glad you and her are able to enjoy some time together-the distraction and normalacy of having dinner with friends will be so nice for her and the boys! I was looking today for the link to the woman in WA who's son and husband died, but can't find it. Can you send that to me, please?

LWLH said...

Glad you were able to provide some good girl time to her, I'm sure it was a blessing for both of you.