October 24, 2011

Weekend Update

This weekend we went to Dallas to spend the day.  Terence wanted to go to REI to get a jacket and I wanted to check out the new H&M store at North Park Mall.  I was very disappointed....I didn't find anything!  It seemed like they didn't have a whole lot in stock & the store was a complete zoo!

We met our newlywed friends Hyung and Sarah at the mall and then went to dinner at Grand Lux Cafe.  I hope they still want to hang out with us sometime...we had a pretty cranky boy on our hands!  Ha ha!  He fell and busted his lip on the concrete floor of REI. :(  Good times.....his lip is currently double the normal size!

We had a great day and fun with friends and family :
 Connor signing "more"
 A trip to Starbucks was in order

I still drink Starbucks (AND- we are still following the Paleo lifestyle diet) but when I do get coffee I get a grande, not a venti.  I also don't get it every single day.  Terence and I have both lost around 10 pounds during month one!  Of course we've fallen off the wagon several times....but the point is you always hop back on it!
 Thank you Nana & Nannie for our care package :)
I love my new Elmo jammies you sent me!

Yet ANOTHER Erin Condren deal is in the works today at Plum District.....

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dave and jenn said...

Disappointment about the H&M store! I noticed all the signage for it when I was in Dallas earlier this year.

Dave and I are planning to do baby sign language with Jade. Have you enjoyed it with Connor?

Michelle said...

REI is an amazing store. Uh-mazing. I shopped in one for the first time while I was in Boston last year.

Cheryl E. said...

That is so cool how Connor knows how to sign. I was just talking to my husband this weekend about that.

thedailydixon said...

Glad you had a fun weekend... too bad about H&M though. Maybe next time!

Lil' Woman said...

I love when little kids can sign :)