October 14, 2011

One Fall Night

The light was so pretty last night I got some sweet photos of Connor :-)

I was tweeting or Facebooking or something the other day about how much I love LOVE love Aromatique candles.  My favorite scent of all time is called "Amaretto Nog".  Unfortunately most of the line has been discontinued.  However they still sell the smaller candles on the website.  I got a surprise package in the mail from Peggy at Aromatique and she MAILED ME AN AMARETTO NOG CANDLE!!!  That was so sweet of them and that's why I love Aromatique & what excellent customer service I must say! 

Lindsey won the pumpkin shirt contest a few weeks ago!  My sweet sister, Bonnie, made shirts for BOTH her boys because she didn't want to leave the other out.  She's so awesome!  She is making some pretty cute Christmas shirts right now too....I hope Connor gets to model one ;) 

Go like her Facebook page HERE so you can keep up with all the cute stuff she's making!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Linds said...

ok, inquiring minds want to know where you and your sis make yall's collages????

Oh, and Connor (your Connor) is soooo cute! I love all of his expressions!

Maria said...

Such cute pics of Connor! Little boys in polo shirts look sooo cute, but so grown :( Bonnie's shirts are great- and those two models are adorable!

Trac~ said...

Loving Connor's cute little curls and what a sweet thing for the candle lady to do! :) Talk about GREAT customer service! I will definitely have to look them up now! The shirts are adorable - can't wait to see what Bonnie makes next! Have a great weekend my friend! I'm off to War Eagle this weekend with the girls and I simply CAN NOT WAIT! :) xoxoxo

Tristan said...

i don't see how your siste has time to do anything else..lol..wow.

and connors hair is just like taylor-austyns..crazy curls...sooo cute!

-Lauren said...

He is so stylish! Love his blonde locks!

Ashley said...

You take the best pictures! And I love your new header. So cute and festive!

Lil' Woman said...

I agree with Linds where do you all make these cute collages at??? :)

Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures! That lighting was just perfect :)