October 13, 2011

Fall Decor & Life Lately

I don't have much fall decor.  Looking at Pinterest makes me want to step up my game a bit.  I did put out my glitter pumpkins on the mantle, but they look so small?  A little bling bling never hurt anyone right?
And I framed Connor's Halloween picture on our counter.  I love that picture!  He knows exactly where those M&M's are and begs for them every day....he points and begs over and over! Eeeek!
I'm excited about fall HOT coffee drinks and ready to use my Dean & Deluca mug I got in NYC.  I never drink hot coffee except for a few months out of the year. 

Don't judge me in this pic, we just got home from our evening hike.  AND-Keeping it real this is what I look like when I get home every day.  I get out of my work clothes as quick as I can and into my comfy pants :-)
Oh BTW- Over 8 lbs lost so far.  We are in week 4 of our Paleo lifestyle...we've cheated off and on, but for the most part our main meals are strictly healthy eating.  My goal is to have lost at least 20-25 lbs by Christmas.

I got my October Birchbox in this month :

It was okay again....eh...really some months are a lot better than others.

* Green tea fitness mints
* Eyebrow gel (I like this)
* Oil serum for your face?
* Mineral foot cream
* Hair masque

Working on keeping Connor out of trash cans....do they make child locks for those?  Ha ha!
My boy LOVES some books!
How's ya'll's week going?

Ready for the weekend!


Linds said...

so glad I'm not the only one who likes to lounge in the comfy pants at night :)

Jessica said...

awesome on the 8 lbs!! I have got to get my butt busy!

Aishlea and Brandon said...

Great job on the weight loss!!! :)
You look great!

He's such a cutie. Cohen loves his books, too, but right now he's more interested in eating them. ha!

Cheryl E. said...

Beautiful home lady :)

And I just love, love, love that pic of Connor in his cape.

Mrs. Yellow Ribbon said...

I love your candy containers. Where'd you find 'em? And that massive coffee mug...fabulous!

Kendra said...

8 pounds!! That's so great Becky!!! Jealous over here=)

Anonymous said...

I recently got a can at bb&b and it has a pet safety lock. I used a coupon but it was still 40 bucks. It turned out to be so worth it though. The lock was meant for pets but works wonders for Asher too :)

Dan and Liz said...


Lil' Woman said...

8 lbs? Go girl!!! : )

Classy Fab Sarah said...

I too rock comfy pants 24/7 every single minute I'm inside my house. Just LIVIN THE LIFE!