August 30, 2011

Enjoying Every Second!

Lately I've been trying to enjoy every second of life.  I just feel like time has been moving waaaay too quickly!  We have a good routine down now..... 


* Wake Up
* Shower & get ready
* Wake Connor up and feed him
* Pack lunches and haul into the car
* Work until 4, while Connor plays at either his Aunt's or Granna's house for the day
* Pick Connor up, head home, cook dinner
* We have been pretty diligent about doing our walks every night around the lake
* Come home watch a few TV shows & then put Connor to bed
* I'll get online for a bit, Terence will watch TV, or I'll read in bed


Connor's such a good kid.  He's so loving and caring.  He gives kisses all the time, he is such a good sleeper, and loves to read books.  The only thing we have issues with is his eating.  He is still an extremely picky eater.  Some days I wonder if he gets enough to eat?  But I dont' want to force it and create a fear of food either, so for right now we stick to a few food we know he likes and if he's hungry he'll eat!

I mentioned before I had wanted to make these S'more Bars :
I made them to take to T's parents house last Sunday for family dinner
They turned out pretty good!  And they tasted DELICIOUS!
I took these photos before cutting them into squares :-)
We also watched Jeff Mauro's new show Sandwich King on Food Network this past weekend.  He was the winner of Food Network Star.  And let me just say his sandwiches are incredible!
Also on Food Network is Pioneer Woman!  She has a new cooking show and it was so fun to watch and actually see her in action on the ranch!
Whelp that is about it for today....I better get back to sucking down my Starbucks :-)
xoxo Becky

I forgot to announce the winner of the Black 15 in 1 Giveaway!

It's :

Lil Woman !!!!
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Cheryl E. said...

The monotonity of a work week is no fun. But glad to see you are enjoying every minute of it. I try to focus on C when I get home and leave work at work. Its hard somethings but totally worth it. Time sure does fly.

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

those pics of you and C are adorable! so good! and the pics of dessert! umm, so good too, and looks yuuummy :)

Kristen said...

hey, stranger! i have missed you in the blog world. looks like you are doing great! lil man is PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

Kindra said...

yumm!!! i say bring some to work!

Miss Sweet Tea said...

Those s'mores bars look so delicious! I also watched Sandwich King, I think he's pretty good and his food looks amazing! Did you see the lamb taco? I want to make that, but I'd probably use beef instead...yummy!

Krista said...

Have you seen the baby food in a capri sun looking thing? They sell them at Target, Starbucks, Amazon, and I've even seen some at Albertson's. Anyway, most of them have good fruits and veggies in them. I always keep one in my purse and one in each diaper bag. That way, when Tessa is going through a really picky phase, I can give her one, and I know she's getting some veggies! She loves them, and can feed herself with them when we are on the go, so I love them too! They may be worth a try for your picky eater!

Tristan said...

he's so cute!!!!!!

omg..those smores look gooood!!!

and love pioneer woman! i refused to leave the house until i watched it..haha

Lil' Woman said...

I'm behind on my blogging....
1. Holy Smores, please send them to live in my belly
2. Yay for me! Thanks hun! :)