July 14, 2011

Watcha Been Up To?

I ordered Connor his first backpack the other day.  I ordered it off Etsy from a sweet lady named Mary who embroidered it for me.  The link to her shop is HERE.  We love it and now Connor can carry his own diapers...ha...ha...

We've had a pretty uneventful week.  It's just been hotter than heck here.  My Mom is still in Vegas visiting my sister and I think my Dad is getting pretty lonely.  Dad sent me and Connor the sweetest cards in the mail yesterday.  I have the best parents ever :-)

Because it's been so hot we've had lots of baths this week.  This is C's favorite thing at night...he loves his baths!
 Our neighborhood has a duck pond & every now and then we go over there and feed them
 We've been reading lots of books that feature our favorite buddy Elmo

Whenever we gave Connor bread to throw to the ducks he would just eat it!  So the ducks didn't get any love from him :P
 "It's toooo hot out here Daddy lets go home!"
I received some samples of Shakeology the other day from my friend Michelle.  I tried the chocolate one first, being the chocoholic that I am!  It was quite tasty and rich.  I liked it and it was VERY filling!
 I but a banana and some peanut butter in with mine like she suggested and it was delish!

Lord knows I need to go on a diet!  The other day we took Connor to the park and one of the other moms asked "Are you expecting your second?"  HECK NO!!!!  Who in their right mind asks someone else that???  I was so embarrassed & I'm sure I turned red.  I am obviously not preggers....but it did hurt my feelings a lot.  People just need to watch what they say :(


Fit Dani said...

omg you have the fat straws? where did you get those from? a boba tea house? i just stick with lean shakes from GNC, with almond milk, fruit and hoping to try some kale soon in them :) oh and ice to make smoothie!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the shout out! Love the fat straws...I need to get some of those. Can't go wrong with the banana, peanut butter, chocolate Shakeology combo!! :-)

I love Connor's new backpack. It's so cute! Aidan had a little backpack when he was about Connor's age...and he definitely carried his own diapers, snacks & sippy cup whenever we went out! LOL

SamanthazBlog said...

Becky, I can't believe someone said that to you - you look great! Trust me, I'm the one that looks like I'm expecting these days. I've started a diet the past few weeks and I've lost 5 lbs - yay!
Also, btw, someone said that to my sister once. She doesn't look pregnant in any way. But the girl who said it? Was a short, overweight, RUDE girl that constantly reeks of bad attitude at this store we both go to. To this day, I am convinced she did that just to ruin my sister's day. The sad thing is, some people really are like that and will say things just to bring others down. You are lovely - don't let someone who is out to stink up your day accomplish their goal. ;)

The Anglin Family said...

Hey pretty lady! That picture of Connor is the cutest with the backpack!!:)
I've seen some friends order shakeology and say its yummy, but its so expensive! I need to try it before I buy it:)

Melissa said...

Connor is so cute carrying his backpack!! I love his face in that second picture with it!

I CANNOT believe some lady said that to you!! some people really have NO tact!

Cheryl E. said...

Get out the pics of him in his backpack are so cute!!! And yes, that shake looks pretty good. I have heard such great things about this Shakeology. Just wish it wasnt so expensive :(

Tiff said...

Love the backpack! And ignore stupid comments from people without brains! :)

Linds said...

I still can't believe that lady said that to you... such gall. U R beautiful (and very much not pregnant!).

Jennifer said...

With ya sister! People should watch their mouths...it's so humiliating when someone says something like that. =( It's happened to me too....makes me MAAAAADDD....lol

Lil' Woman said...

That looks delish! :)

Aishlea and Brandon said...

That shake looks yummy!!

GIRL, you DO NOT look prego! Some people are just SO rude. I'm so sorry someone said that to you...you are obviously not anywhere close to looking like you are pregnant!!

Jen said...

Love the backpack.. i might have to order one for my little one! The shake looks pretty yummy too! Don't let mean comments get you down..you are wonderful! :)