April 11, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend we had grand plans to road trip it to Plano and take some fabulous pictures in the bluebonnets.  I also wouldn't have minded a pit stop at The Cupcakery ;)  Anyway, those plans were subsided when I came home Friday night to a sick little boy.  I was feeding Connor and stood up and put him over my shoulder and he barfed all down my back....good times! 

He has had a lot of sinus issues this weekend and a serious runny nose.  No fever really, just the runs and his poor throat is so dry.  I feel so bad for him when he coughs his little froggy cough. 

So we chilled on the sofa and rented a couple movies from Vudu.com.  We watched "Tron" and "Life As We Know It".  I really like "Tron" and the music was awesome!  I'm a big fan of 80's music.  "Life As We Know It" was very cute, it was sad in the beginning but it was a sweet film and ended good. 

So amongst the sleepless nights, an entire box of Kleenex, and several SEVERAL outfit changes due to barf....we made it through the weekend!  I can't say I'm not a little glad to be at work today for some peace and quiet....I just hope my boo boo is doing okay at Aunt Rebecca's today.
 Sitting under the burger at the Doc's office
He was just fine...no ear infections (he's never had one) just sinus
 Wollering on Momma & Daddy's bed :)
 Connor is loving turning the computer on and off.  He also loves getting in our junk drawer at the desk.
Dude is into EVERYTHING!  You never know what you'll find in his mouth at that scares me to death!
 I see you....
 Sneaky little fella!
 I got my new purse in and I am LURRRRVING it!!!!
 Another day at the park
We spend a lot of time there these days!
 Run Connor! Ruuuuunnnn!!!
 Not that way!
 This is the only time when cankles are cute ;)
 Time to go bye bye!
Terence and I started on the couch to 5K program last week.  We start day 4 today and our running time increases.  I am not, nor have I ever been, a runner.  This is whooping my butt!  Can you see how red in the face I am and lovely looking without a lick of make-up on???  I be hurting :P
Also - I wanted to let ya'll in on my favorite place to buy photo prints online.  This is not endorsed, it's just a site I like and their picture paper seems to be better quality.  You can also get wallet prints with rounded corners and I love that option!  It's MPIX.COM and right now they have free shipping!
Have a great Monday!


Aishlea and Brandon said...

Yay for the Couch to 5k program! :)
Love the new purse--and hope that baby boy feels better this week!!

Tristan said...

aw..bummer little man is sick!! hope he is much better today!

Lauren said...

Oh gosh, Connor is just the cutest thing EVER!! Hope he feels better! Can I just give you once piece of advice with the c25k? Don’t mix it with anything else. I started doing it myself and mixed in the shred with Jillian Michaels in with it on my off days from running, and royally screwed up my knees. And almost positive that was the significant cause of that. Just concentrate on the running. Good for you. Proud of you!! :)

Missy said...

I'm doing the C25K as well! I'm on week four and it is kicking my booty. This week I'm doing week 4 for the second time - I didn't do so hot last week. Good luck with it!

Linds said...

there is nothing that prepares a parent to get barfed on. Nothing. When Brayden was sick a few weeks ago I was barfed on AND pooped on... it was less than awesome.

Cheryl E. said...

Poor Connor. Hope everyone is back to feeling all better.

Congrats on the Couch to 5K. Keep it up girl!

Love the new purse its gorgeous!

Nicole said...

We saw Tron Friday night! We really liked it. I was surprised. Sorry little man has been sick. Hope he is all better soon. My little guy has another cold :(

mstalcup said...

Hi Becky - I'm so behind in the blog world... :(
LOVE the new purse! I hope little man starts to feel better soon. Off to catch up with "The Branches" I've missed reading your blog.

Our Baby "D" said...

Hope Connor is feeling better! Good Luck with C25K, I am NOT a runner either!