April 8, 2011

Friday Style

I've seen a lot of bloggers posting about what they wear each day or each week and where they buy their deals.  I always like to read those posts and see how you put your own style together.  I am copying Summer today who posted about her style yesterday!  That is one thing I noticed when I met Summer is that she definitely had her own style and I loved it :) 

I also enjoyed her post today regarding POSTING & FOLLOWERS.....I like to blog for me and I want to keep it that way!  This is MY blog yo & I am not out to impress anyone!

I think my style is sort of boring....and I would love a $10,000 makeover from Clinton and Stacy....but I do the best I can :)
Top: Anthropologie (circa two years ago)
Shoes: Gap navy flats
Jeans: Banana Republic extra dark denim (makes you look thinner!)
The Flair: Sunglasses are my $5 faux Coach I got in NYC & my Jersey Shore-ish bling bling earrings I got at The Brownstone in Arlington

Note: Does my hair look a little bit Jennifer Anniston on Friends here??? ha..ha...

 This is my lovely pen I use at work. 
 His eyes pop out and when I get stressed I squeeze him.
His name is Petey
My owl bag from my friend Kristin
It's Papyrus....I LOVE PAPYRUS!
Oh! And here is our "I <3 NY" T-shirts.  My Mom & Dad wore them out together to the movie theater...aren't they cute! Ha...ha...!!!  I would have been so embarrassed if they did that and I was 16 years old!  Silly Mom and Dad!  I also got Connor & Jarrett baby sized ones and I got Bonnie a pink one.

Yesterday my car wouldn't start.  Don't you just love those days?  I had the whole car loaded and ready to head to work and it was D.E.A.D.  Thank God Terence was working from home and I was able to take his car.  $400 later and it's working today.....sigh.....my car is old and has a lot of miles on it, but it's paid for and I do NOT want a car payment.  I will keep replacing parts until that baby is not repairable because I love my car.  I hope ya'll have a great weekend!!! xoxo Becky


Name:: Becky Branch

Age:: 29 (2 MONTHS UNTIL 30!)

Height:: 5’3”

Hair Color:: Brown with blonde highlights

Eye Color:: Blue

Body Type:: Too FAT!

Religion:: Christian

Status:: Married

Married how long? : 10 years in August

Color?: Aqua Blue

Food?: Italian

Soda?: Dr. Pepper

Alchoholic Beverage?: Cherry Vodka Sour

Store?: Gap, Banana Republic, Target, Godiva

State?: From Arkansas, Live in Texas

Animal?: Boxer doggies

Movie?: Hangover & Romy & Michelle’s Highschool Reunion

TV Show?: Modern Family/The Office/Real Housewives

Book?: Twilight Series

Music?: Christian,Contemporary,Pop

Website?: www.terenceandbecky.com

Twitter Username?: beckylbranch

Soda or Juice?: Tropical fruit punch

Cell Phone or I-pod?: Cell Phone

Curly Hair or Straight Hair?: Curly, but I straighten it

Lap-Top or Computer?: Desktop Computer

Pen or Pencil?: Fine pen

What do you do on your spare time?: Time with family,watch movies, blog

Do you have kids?: I have one, Connor James 13 months

What year were you born in?: 1981

Do you have any addictions?: Starbucks

What do you enjoy doing when you’re bored?: Watching TV or Blogging

What do you do in the summer time?: Take a vacation or BBQ a lot

Do you live in a house or apartment?: House

Siblings?: One- A twin sister -Bonnie

Dream Vacation?: Ireland


Aishlea and Brandon said...

I think you have great style! :) Love the sunglasses and shirt!!

Boo on the car problems!!

{K} said...

I like that outfit and I think your style is cute!! I really love the flats, earrings and sunglasses.

Sorry about your car but glad it's fixed.

Summer {athena in the middle} said...

i was leaving a comment and your blog sent me to someone elses!

you are too cute and i love that color on you.

i also love mom and dad in the 1 heart ny tees!

Claire Kiefer said...

That Anthropologie shirt is great! I love it. Looks really pretty on you. And you're onto something w/the dark jeans. . . I haven't worn jeans in years but maybe will be ready to try them again sometime soon? We'll see. No promises. :)

Todd and Courtney said...

Pretty lady. We dress almost identical! Love it.

The Anglin Family said...

Love that shirt!!! And the bling earrings..you look so cute!

Lil' Woman said...

Love that shirt...adorable...and you are not fat girl, you look great!

mstalcup said...

I love your outfit - you look amazing, and yes, your hair does look like J. Aniston. :)I love to see what others put together, I get so many ideas! So, keep it up! :)

Love the NYC shirts... can't wait to catch up and see how your trip was. I LOVE NYC, its such an amazing place! ((((I'm so behind :( )))))