April 15, 2011

It's Friday Ya'll!

It is finally FRIDAY!!! Hip hip hooray!!!
Here's me and my boo boo before I left for work this morning
I love this little dude so much!
 Kissing his Noah's ark animals :)

Today on Kelly's Korner it's show us your favorite books!

Guess what mine is:


It's the Twilight series!!!!
My twin sister and I are a little obsessed and I own way too much Twilight memorabilia.  I don't care and don't judge me....I am a 13 year old teenage girl at heart!
I have been to a Twilight party HERE.

Look he sparkles!
I can't wait until the new movie comes out in NOVEMBER!!!

I also enjoyed the Shopaholic series, the books are way better than the movie was.  I have also heard the Hunger Games is a really good book series.  If I ever have a moment to read again that is what I'll be reading!  I don't have as much time to read as I used to. 

In other news : Terence and I are on day 6 of couch to 5K and my knees are killing me!
We eat a fruit bag and an egg for breakfast and are trying to diet again.....Lord help me!!! 

Hope ya'll have a great weekend :)

Live, Laugh, Love....Enjoy!


Amber Maddux said...

how's the obsession with chocolate going with being on a diet :(

Aishlea and Brandon said...

I love Twilight, too! Can not wait for the movie to come out this fall. :) :) :) Wouldn't it be fun for you to come to Chattanooga and watch it with me?! haha...

Chrissi said...

Twilight is oh-so good! You are not alone in your love :)

Lauren said...

That picture of you and your sister is hilarious!!!!!!!!! Happy Friday!!! :)

amy said...

uhhhh AMEN sister. LOVE Twilight as well. I throw an alllll out party before each movie has come out. Can't wait for Breaking Dawn. :) Happen to watch the Vampire Diaries tv series? It's my favorite show right now!!

Lis @ ATruckerWife said...

GET YE FITED FOR NEW SHOES!!! seriously go to a running store and have them fit you for new shoes! You'll be amazed how much better you'll feel running :)

Tristan said...

woo twilight is awesome!!!

and that fruit looks good!

i love C kissin' his animals..too cute!

Erin said...

love the twilight series.. obviously one of my favorite series of all time. You should read the House Of Night Series!

Healthy Branscoms said...

Love the twilight series!!! I also love your fruit and egg in a baggie! I might borrow that idea! :) ha!


Love your blog! I am following you!

Lil' Woman said...

He's such a cutie! :)