February 28, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

I had a fabulous weekend!  My friend Amber took me to a place called The Brownstone in Arlington and it was so cool!  I could have stayed in there for HOURS I tell ya!  It's got lots of sellers that resemble Etsy and everything was so cute.  I need to have a garage sale or something so I can go on a shopping spree :P
Delicious cupcakes :)
Connor enjoying some Mexican rice too!
So many cute finds at The Brownstone in Arlington.
I hope that when my Mom and sister visit next time I can take them there.

Thank you Amber for introducing me to this place and now I shall forever be broke!!!

  • I really want to get this mustache pillow for my Bloggy Triplet Summer.
Do you have one yet Summer???

  • I love getting samples of new makeup and skin care.  I recently heard about Birchbox.com and I really want to subscribe to it.  For $10.00 a month you get a box full of makeup, skin, and hair care samples.  You fill out a profile on their website and each month you get a new box full of deluxe samples!  So fun!  Do any of you already subscribe and like it???
  • I also learned my lesson about shipping packages recently.  I had participated in a Valentine blog swap and I mailed my package off to my partner Diane with no tracking or insurance.  FAIL.  I have honestly never had a problem shipping things with the Post Office.  Ever.  When I realized she hadn't received it I got so upset....I am just hoping the Post Office finds that because I had lots of goodies for her and I feel so bad she never got it!!!  I could just scream!
  • I picked up a pair of gray slacks I just bought a couple weeks ago at the cleaners on Friday.  This was the first time for me to use this particular dry cleaner.  Well, they had originally lost my pants...so I called and they said they had them there.  I picked them up and never thought twice about it until I tried to put them on today and they didn't fit!  They were a size 0 PETITE!!!  Those are obviously NOT my pants yo!  I swear...I am never going back there.  And the worst part is those people barely speak English so how am I supposed to even begin to explain this fiasco?
Well, that's about all for now....I had a lot of playing with my new camera so I shall show some pictures this week and I think I may do a few tutorials too!  If you have a photography question just email me or something and I'll do the best I can to explain...I am not a pro, but I do love to take pictures!


Lil' Woman said...

I so want to go to that store...holy owls batman! :)

Natalie said...

Um, pretty sure I wish I lived in Texas right now so I could go to that store...I would be in etsy heaven I just know it!
I would love to see some camera tutorials...I would love any help I can get in that department ;)I have a new carmera and no idea how to make the pics look their best!!

Anonymous said...

I checked out Birchbox.com and they said they were full right now but would email me as soon as they could take new subscribers! Bummer! So glad you shared this!

Nicole said...

The brownstone looks really cool and birchbox sounds really cool!

Heather said...

Haha, love the mustache pillow. The little monkey houseshoes are too cute!

Tristan said...

that place sounds fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

um..omg..a size 0, i would be so mad!

Emily said...

That store looks awesome! I love cute places with all kinds of fun stuff. Yay owls and sock monkey slippers!!