February 25, 2011

Family Time

Last weekend we went to the park to visit the duck pond.  The weather was so nice, but when we made it to the park it was actually kind of chilly.  I wanted to get a few more pics of Connor in his birthday shirt, but he just wasn't in the mood dude!  I got a new camera a few days ago and I'm SO excited about it!  I am sure I will be playing with it all weekend.  I am a little picture obsessed can you tell?

Every time I put him down he would FREAK.
I don't what is going on lately but this separation anxiety thing is not fun!
The squirrel
This squirrel was extremely friendly....maybe a little too friendly.  I mean it literally walked right up to us and I think it would have crawled up my leg if  I hadn't run away from it.  WE.NO.HAVE.FOOD.
Hope everyone has a fab weekend!
xoxo - Becky


Classy Fab Sarah said...

You got a new camera?! Details, I want details!

Anonymous said...

Connor's hair cut is sooo sweet! He does look like a little man and I love it!

Erin said...

Okay since I have a new camera and you are really good with the camera . . any tips are welcome :) PS Connor is so cute with his new-do, and he looks way too old!!!!

Cheryl E. said...

What great photos!

Lil' Woman said...

He's tooo cute!