January 23, 2011

Weekend ReCap

The weekends seem to fly by so fast.  I know I say that a lot, but they really do!  I just try to enjoy the moments I get to spend with my hubby and Connor...they are my life.  I want to cherish every second with them! 
Terence, Connor, and I went to the Fort Worth Stock Show again on Saturday.  We had a special treat because the baby buffalo, Tuffy, was there!  He was so cute too!  It was packed full of people...much busier than last weekend!  I really enjoy going and seeing everyone dressed in their rodeo gear and catching up with friends :)

I don't own a lick of rodeo wear...sorry folks!
 Connor's first time to the Stock Show
That is "Mo" the buffalo in the background there...

He was pretty good on Saturday but I think it was way too busy for us to have him with us!
Next weekend his Auntie Christa & Uncle Adam will be watching him and I know he'll have fun.  He is such a laid back and sweet boy...God knew my nerves get frazzled easy and blessed us with his sweet spirit :)
 Love this picture of Terence with Connor
Another thing you have been doing lately silly boy...you can't hardly stand it when we are in the shower.  You wait there right next to the door until we come out and get so excited when the door finally opens! ha..ha..
 Baby buffalo Tuffy
This is Bree's little Cowboy Dillon
His personality just lights a room...he is quite a character!
Bree is the owner of the buffalo and you can find more about her HERE
When I got home on Friday my Mom had sent me a care package.  I miss my Mommy so much!  She sent me my new favorite Aromatique scent, Sugar Maple, an owl notebook, and she knitted me TWO scarves *love*  Thank you Momma....you mean the world to me!
Connor loves the scarf too!
We visited Gigi's Cupcakes in Dallas this weekend too...but they were closed! Wahhhh!!! I really wanted to try it...hopefully some other time.
We had lunch at a place called Celebrations in Dallas.  They used to have a location in Fort Worth and Terence has talked about it for years!  He finally took me and it was delicious!  We had chicken dishes as an entree, roasted butternut squash, broccoli, and mashed potatoes.  The salad was sooooo good too!  Connor had Cheerios and that suited him just fine!

I guess that is all from us this weekend....I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Oh also got my hair dyed darker....pics to come soon!

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