January 21, 2011

If all else fails.....ask the Internets

Terence has been getting this comment a lot lately :

"You look a lot like Stephen Baldwin"
 So what do ya'll think?  Does he?
I can see some similarities...but not totally alike.

Have you all heard of the new Starbucks cup size?  It's called a TRENTA...it's redonk!  It's HUGE! 
I guess they were thinking of people like me...the only thing is you can only get an iced tea or iced regular plain coffee in them :(
I am getting my hair done tomorrow for the first time in FOREVER!  I don't think I have had a hair cut or a good dye job since right after Connor was born.  I like all the styles above...which one do ya'll like?  I'll take a picture and show you what it looks like after.  Should I go dark, blonder, cut it off, keep it long???  Decisions...decisions....
I purchased this tote on Zulily
I love the shiny brown color!  Can't wait to get it in :)
Only $18 and right now I am totally loving this shiny material.

This weekend T & I are working the Fort Worth Stock Show again and I plan on doing some more crafting.  I have been doing pretty good at cooking meals for us this week.  I really need to start exercising more regularly because those pounds I gained at Christmas just aren't coming off!  Terence has been very diligent about going to the gym and I am so proud.  He's going to be in mountain climbing shape in NO time! 

I hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy your family, friends, and have fun too :)

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