January 16, 2011

Precious Girl

Last night Terence, Connor, and I finally got to meet our new niece/cousin Alisha! 
 She is so beautiful!!!
Here is the little angel sleeping.  I can't even remember Connor being this tiny???  Isn't it crazy how fast time flies and how quickly you forget little things?  She was just adorable and so cuddly :)
Kim, Connor, Terence, & Alisha

I don't think Connor knew what to think of her...ha..ha..
He just kept looking at her like she was a toy or something.  We kept saying "gentle" "gentle"
 because he wanted to touch her.  We had a good visit and brought Kim & Kevin some Chili's for dinner.  I was going to cook them dinner, but we had a lot of things going on yesterday so we just picked something up.  They were probably better off that way because my cooking is not that great anyway!  We love ya'll and so happy for you and baby Alisha is beautiful!!!


Karen said...

Aw, she's adorable! Congrats on your new niece! :)

KristaSuz said...

She is so beautiful! You have a very blessed family.

Lydia said...

She's beautiful Becky! Makes me want another NOW!

Emily said...

She's so beautiful! I got to cuddle a little 4 week old baby on Friday and now I have the baby fever BAD! I can't hardly remember when Asher was that small. :o)