October 25, 2010

First Football Game

How was everyone’s weekend?
It’s MONDAY again….it feels like these weekends fly by!
We had a good restful weekend with lots of rain and some nasty weather!

Apparently there was a tornado that touched down in our neighborhood!!! I had no idea until I read the news today and there was an article in there about OUR neighborhood. (Thanks Adam!)
”Residents spent Saturday staring at the damage left behind after an intense bout of storms that hit North Texas.
Resident Mike Roy was missing a large trampoline; he later found it propped up against a neighbor's fence two blocks away. He was also missing a playhouse and a children's swimming pool that was full of sand.
Damage was visible elsewhere in the neighborhood. Windows were smashed, and wooden fences appeared to be pried apart like straw. Large pieces of wood protruding from the ground served as subtle reminders of how dangerous the storm could have been.
"So much damage in such a short amount of time, it's unbelievable,"
We didn't have any damage to our house thank God!

We also took Connor to his first TCU football game on Saturday night. We lasted until the beginning of the 3rd quarter then we had to go because the little guy was getting restless and we were out of bottles. We went with cousin Katy & her fiancĂ© Michael, & Aunt Trisha. I thought it was a lot of fun, but next time we’ll probably do it without the baby. It was really cold out Saturday night so I’m glad we brought jackets. Of course the next day it was mid 80’s again! Boo! I am ready for this fall weather to STICK around for a bit and I hope it’s cool this weekend for Halloween.
Here are some pics of the game and our weekend :

"Go Frogs!"

Daddy and Connor watching the game
It's hard to get us all looking at the camera these days!
My hair Afro puffed outside because of the weather it was awful!
I think Connor may have some of his Mommy's curls
This is right after his bath..ha..ha..


Mrs. Mess said...

So glad that the storms didn't harm you guys!!!

Angie said...

Oh my girl...the storms were much closer to you than to me. Glad you are ok!

What a fun weekend...Connor did great at the game if you stayed until the 3rd quarter...that is a long time!

~KS said...

So cool he got out to his first game!! And he looks so adorable in his little football outfit!
And awesome he made he through 3 quarters... that's amazing!!!

Heather B. said...

YAY for football games!!! My kids love them! Glad you were safe from the storms!!!

Katie said...

Glad you had a great weekend! I love those pictures of Connor - what handsome baby blues'!

Marissa said...

His eyes are beautiful!

Debbie said...

love those curls and baby blues!! :)

Lauren said...

Cuteness!!!!!! So glad y’all survived the storm!!! Sound scary!!!!

Debbie said...

love those curls and baby blues!! :)

Mrs. Mess said...

So glad that the storms didn't harm you guys!!!