October 26, 2010

Blog Day of Silence for Daddy Butch

Day of remembrance tomorrow for Daddy Butch.
His memorial service will be held on Wednesday from 9am-11am.

Please join us in celebrating his life and legacy by participating in the Blog Day of Silence for Daddy Butch on Wednesday, October 27th.

All you have to do to participate is copy the photo collage above and post it on your own blog tomorrow. Be sure to add your link below once your post is up (linky will open at midnight). We want to shower Summer and the Bailey family with lots of love.

Summer, you mean so much to me and words cannot express how I feel right now or what I want to say to you. I know your heart is aching and you are hurting so badly for your Daddy. We will all be praying for you and remembering Daddy Butch along with you in our hearts and minds. I thank God he brought you in my life as a friend and I wish I could do something for you to ease your pain right now. I would give anything! You are an amazingly strong and beautiful woman and I know your Dad felt blessed by you and you by him just like we are!

Praying for you now.....Love, Becky

If you would like to send love to Summer :

Summer's Grandparents home:

Mr. and Mrs. Nolton A. Bailey, Sr.
c/o Summer Brown
2010 Maple Street
Morgan City, LA 70380


~KS said...

So many prayers for her hurting heart...

~KS said...

So many prayers for her hurting heart...