April 2, 2007

tax season....grrrrr.....

4:30 a.m. - Get up at go to gym
Elliptical - 4.5 miles (burned 500 cal.)

I'm so tired....but glad I got up and got the gym over with today! I even went on Saturday, but mostly out of boredom and I had nothing to do because Terence was working. Yesterday we went to Conway to watch Mom and Dad in their Easter musical at church. It was really good! I'm so proud of my mom and dad!

Later in the afternoon we cleaned out our storage unit and got out tons of stuff to sell at the neighborhood garage sale. Mom & Dad have one every year. We're definately going to need the extra moolah! Terence has summer semester coming up, we may (possibly) owe money this year on taxes, and we just paid $260 in taxes on the car! We'll catch up eventually! Terence did our taxes online to just "see" what we may owe/get back, and it said we would owe money this year!!! And that just doesn't make sense to me because I worked two jobs last year so we could make ends meet and Terence is a full time student???? Government+taxes=EVIL! I guess we'll truck it down to HR Block to see if they can get us a better rate. Hope everyone's weekends were good!

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