April 6, 2007

Good Friday

We all need to remember what this weekend is really about. This weekend is the celebration of our Lord and Savior's resurrection!!! Yes, we do get to eat good yummy food and lots of candy, but that is not what Easter is about. Thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for us and saving our sins.

I will be going to Nannie and Papa's for Easter. I know there will be good cooking and family time. I just don't get to see them as much as I'd like. Terence won't be able to celebrate Easter with us again this year....which kinda makes me upset because I'd like him to be with some sort of family, but homework it is I suppose.....

That is another reason I can't wait for him to finish school....so he can have a life again. Maybe after he finishes I can go back once we get settled somewhere. Of course I'll have to work while going to school, so I guess it will be a slow process, but the point is you've accomplished something. I don't have a major or anything yet, how do you know what you want to do for the rest of your life? That is a tough question. I tend to try and rush my life away, when I need to focus on the little things more.

I was reading a story online the other day about an old man who finished writing a book in his 90's. Good for him. He said it helped him with the grief over losing his wife of many years. He said "At my age you don't have a future to look forward to, everything that was or is important to you was in the past." So that is what he wrote about, his past. I can't imagine not having anything to look forward to in life, everything you've lived was behind you. It just makes me think about life, and the fact that I am still young, and do have time to choose the things I want to do. I don't want to waste those choices. God gave us life, Jesus saved our lives, now we must live our lives to the best of our abilities.

Hope everyone has a blessed Easter!!!

XOXO Becky :)

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