March 28, 2013

If I Die First....

I leave the house for ONE weekend and it seems like the vomit fairy sprinkled all her crazy dust over my family.  We've pretty much been hibernating since Saturday.  I left for Blissdom on Thursday and all is well in the world.  Then Friday after Terence takes Connor to the dentist and his 3 year check up (I know he's a good Daddy!) I get a call telling me Connor started throwing up all over the Doctor's office and in the car. 
That's when it all rained down....I know T had to have been tired of cleaning up barf all weekend.  So, I left the conference a little early to get home to my sick baby. 
Then later that night the vomit fairy visits again, only this time she visits Terence.  Good times.  He's up all night and pretty much in bed all day Sunday.  I go into work like normal on Monday and C&T stayed home.  Then Terence called me to tell me Connor barfed AGAIN all over our bed. Ugh.  Seriously?  I mean I feel legit bad at this point because the kid only gets sick apparently in his father's presence.  Lucky me right? 
Well, Monday both boys are starting to feel better...but wait there's more!  The vomit fairy visits again....ME this time.  She ain't playing either.  That stuff was downright nasty.  At first we both thought it was food poisoning.  Doubtful now that we all got it. 

The only silver lining is that we may have lost a few pounds in a day, well, maybe not because now I'm so hungry I could eat a horse. I feel malnourished & dehydrated.

Thanks for all the prayers.  It's rough when one family member gets sick, but when you all go down it's torture.
All of this said, if I go first, dear Lord please make sure my boys have milk and bread and someone that will clean their dirty laundry.  Without me I don't know how they'd make it....probably hire a maid?  hmphhhh...... just saying.  Terence is a great Daddy, but doesn't do laundry or dishes.
Do you sometimes feel like all of those type of chores fall on you as a Mom?
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Desirae @ Going with the Flow said...

Ugh, yuck! Hope everyone is feeling better asap. The vomit fairy has been in our house recently, too. I can totally relate!

Karen A said...

Oh man, we had a terrible week too. I hope you all are feeling better and stay better for awhile now!!

Linds said...

Girl, that's just downright awful. And yes, those chores fall on me. Even when I'm gone. The fact that they were all alive when I got home was enough to make me smile :) And Drew's a GREAT dad! He's just not cut out to be a SAHD. :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

What a BUMMER to come home to!

LWLH said...

We had that a couple weeks ago, it was terrible.