January 2, 2013

We Won!

I don't know if I shared this on the blog yet....

But back in October I entered Connor in a Halloween costume contest on Pottery Barn Kids Facebook page.  And.....WE WON!!!!!  We won a $500 Pottery Barn Kids gift card.  Huuuuuge blessing!  I was at work when I saw the email notification and started screaming!

We've been delaying switching Connor to a big boy bed because of the expense, this was such a blessing at the perfect timing.  God is so good and always provides.

So....we went on a little shopping spree and here is Connor boy's new bed and bedding!  We had to pay a little bit out of pocket, but for the most part a lot of it was paid for. 

It looks great and Connor loves his new bed and we hope it will grow with him for many years to come!

You can check out his previous room posts HERE

I'm so excited about the response I've received so far about the Bloggers Biggest Loser Contest.  Ya'll are awesome.  I'll have more details coming about that tomorrow-and if you haven't already please leave your email on the post below if you are interested!  Yay!

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Lauren said...

This does not surprise me in the least, you have ALL the luck when it comes to winning things!!!! :)

Mrs. Pedersen said...

Wow that is so awesome!! Love the bedding, so cute. :)

Janna said...

Congrats! It is adorable!

I am totally in for biggest loser! Atxbikegirl at gmail

Amber said...

Such a cute color scheme you have in his big boy room!

I'd love info about the Biggest Loser contest! brunchwithamber@gmail.com


Dan and Liz said...

I'll join in on the Biggest Loser. I started my weight loss journey back in October (not sure if you've seen on my blog) but I still have 25 more lbs to go, down 22 as of today. I'm motivated and ready to compete!
LOVE the bedding, BTW :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I LOVE it, you chose well!

dave and jenn said...

That's awesome! Congratulations!