January 8, 2013

The Things They Do

I am so overwhelmed by the response and comments on the Biggest Loser contest.  It just blesses my day to hear all your stories.  I'm still catching up on reading the posts, sorry about that.  I'm getting some great prizes donated for this contest and I'm so excited to share soon!

This is my week so far:

Friday: Connor got sick and started running a fever. I left work early to go pick him up.  We were lucky to get an appt with the pediatrician the next morning.  He was diagnosed with the flu.  He's been on Tamiflu and seems to be doing well now!
Saturday:  I start feeling bad, so my Dr calls me in some Tamiflu only to find out it's $190!!! No.Thank.You.Very.Much.  So I've been toughing it out.  We were pretty much hermits all weekend until we got out to go to the grocery store.  Thank goodness for my sanity sake.
Monday: I went to see my PCP and I still have a head cold/infection of some kind.  I feel like I'm in a complete fog and my ears keep popping.  Hopefully the z-pak will work it's way into my system soon because I'm tired of feeling like death. Ugh.

So it's not been the best week, but I'm still trying to count my calories and watch myself!

We have a lot going on and I'll be at the Fort Worth Stock Show for a whole month every Saturday.  If you are out that way come by and say hi!

Other than that I have lots of work to do at work and at home....my plate is full my friends.  Very full.

Funny kid does the darnedest things.  He eats his Cheerios just like his Daddy.  He even drinks the milk from the bowl :-) 
We have also been looking into a pre-school for Connor boy.  I think we've found one we like and he'll be officially starting "school" soon!  I think he's pretty excited!
We are also doing a closet makeover in Connor's room.  They install on Saturday and I can't wait to see the end results!  I'll try to do a before and after.  That's about it for us!  Prayers appreciated for getting well...I'm tired of this sicky business. :/
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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Aw poor thing, being sick is never any fun. And the price of that medicine is RIDICULOUS.

Rebekah @ Living && Learning said...

That darn Tamiflu is insane!! I remember last time I had the flu it was right before payday and I emptied to the cent my bank account to buy the stupid stuff! I hope you all feel better soon!!

Katie said...

Being sick is the worst! Especially when your little one is sick, too! Hope you're both on the mend and feeling good soon! Isn't that the way everyone eats cereal??? :)

Becca said...

Poor kiddo! The z-pak usually makes me feel better in no time, but I hate the side effects.