January 24, 2013

My Life via Photo Dump

Prepare for photo overload....I take a lot of pictures.  You all know that, but I take a lot with my phone too!  So here is the last MONTH basically through the eyes of my phone :-)
Love my new Starbucks Valentine's Day mug.  The hearts turn red when you put hot coffee in it.  I've been filling it lately with 7-11 skinny vanilla latte w/splenda.  I love $1 Wednesdays at 7-11.  It's cheap & good.  Mama likes to save a buck.
Connor started pre-school this week.  We've had a few rough mornings where he's spazzed out during drop off and held onto me like glue.  Overall at the end of the day he's really happy and he's learning a lot.  Crafting and making friends.  I think this will be awesome for him and he has really loved school so far.  His teacher is so nice....she texts me pictures of him while at school.

He loves the water table
I had Monday off work so I drove up to Frisco to see Sarah.  I love her.  She is the bestestest.  In fact I may hire her to shop with me from now on b/c she is so great with Connor.  She let me shop while she watched him.  True friend right there....especially with how he was behaving.  Good gravy he was ornery that day!  Thank you Sarah it was nice to see you and visit!
I look like crap in this pic....I was beat.  Seriously, the kid knows how to push all my buttons!
He was even rolling on the mall floor.  UGH.  My BFF Kristin made him the cutest snowman shirt.  She has a Facebook boutique called "Sugar & Spice Kids Boutique"

 The Stock Show is in town!
I love love LOVE this nail color.  It's by Essie.  And it's the perfect shade of green.  It's called "Pretty Edgy"
 Connor's classroom

Acclimate weather in TX.  People freak.  They act like it's the Apocalypse.  I hate driving when it gets like this just because you KNOW it's going to be a mess.
 My new MK purse from the hubs.  I love you babe.  Thank you Ter-Bear.
 My new jacket for the Stock Show
 Sunglasses at Gap Kids....I could totally rock these right?
 Connor at Fuzzy's Tacos
 Sippin on his "coffee" aka hot chocolate......he's one cool dude.
 Picking out closet stuff at The Container Store
 My favorite color green-raincoat....I love rain just so I have an excuse to wear it!
 He's super smart?  Can you tell?  He must take after his Mama......
 New Years Eve :-)
 Connor's new bed/bedding
 I love this bag from Baby Cargo that fits on your stroller....it's amazing!
 Eating out with our BFF's Christa & Adam.  Connor the tortilla face :-)

Well, that's about it for the last month or so through the eyes of my phone!!!
How have you been????
xoxo Becky
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Sam said...

haha love the tortilla face!
I'll have to find that nail polish :)

Sage Grayson said...

I love the mugs and tumblers from Starbucks. They have the prettiest designs, and I have a collection of Starbucks mugs from the places I visit.

Essie is my favorite nail polish brand too because of the really unique colors. Is green your favorite color? Strange, but my friends and I all have green raincoats. Maybe because the color makes us forget how dreary it is outside?

Yourmorninglory said...

i teach pre-k and his classroom looks so nice! glad he is enjoying it! I always wonder if parents would enjoy or disslike texts or emails of photos...hmm :)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Oooh I love your new purse!

Kelly said...

I think I spotted a leap pad in one of your pictures! I have a question, does your little guy seem to enjoy it? My little guy turned 3 years old in November and he got a leap pad 2 for Christmas. He seems easily frustrated when using the leappad. He ends up asking us for our iphone or ipad instead. I've tried playing some of the games and they seem either complicated or boring! Maybe I'm missing something. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks so much!

~SHANNON~ said...

Oh my gosh! I so want your green raincoat and your bag! So cute! :)

ps. hoping to meet you at Blissdom this year;)