January 21, 2013

Blogger Biggest Loser {Week 3}

Whelp.  Here we are on week three.  I apologize for being late with this link up.  I am off work today...hooray!!!  Hence the staying up until 1am and watching everything recorded on my DVR and paying for it when your 2 year old hops on your face to wake up. 
I have to say this week I didn't do so hot.  We had a wedding shower with lots of treats.  My nieces birthday party was yesterday, I didn't take cake and ice cream.  That took willpower not to have some Hello Kitty cake with choco ice cream.  Ugh.
Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels right?
I was SURE I had gained weight this week.  I have been watching my calories and eating pretty good...not great, but good. 
I also wanted to do some sort of "cleanse".  I feel bloated and I guess I just want to feel cleansed.  Does that make sense.  Does anyone else ever feel like they need to Dyson their insides? 
Week 3 stats:
weight:  171
difference: -1 pound
ONLY ONE POUND...I'll take it.
It sure is hard to get all those dang eggnog lattes off my belly.  But they sure were good.
Ahhh....I'm so random.  Also, if you received like 100 emails from me to join "Fancy" I'm sorry!  I was hacked or something???  I have since changed my password and cancelled anything having to do with that site. 
So what are some things ya'll have been doing to help out with weight loss?  I know that working 40+ hours a week that most of mine is going to have to do with diet.  When I get home from work it's all I can do to put a decent meal on the table folks. 
Any pointers???
So proud of all of you and it's so SO SO encouraging for me to read your stories each week.  You.have.no.idea.
Thank you!
xoxo Becky
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Jessica said...

Hey. I know I never joined the challenge. Part of me just really didn't want to post my starting weight. :( can you say beyond ashamed? I have started taking a supplement called Xyng. So far I really like it. I will keep you posted.

Kim (Babyw8) said...

Great job! I was down a pound this week too!

Toya said...

One pound gone is better than an addedd pound. Drink water like it is going out of style, and try working out in the morning if possible. I hear you Im a working mama myself and at the end of the day I am beat!!! Keep it up, you can and will do this!!!

Hoot said...

It must have been this week! I was about the same in eating. Not awesome, but not bad. I'm only down a half a pound though. Can you wake up early and do a video, or some yoga? I have always wanted to do that, but I HATE getting up early.

Ashley Ederington said...

I gained 2 pounds this week. I shoved every single treat I could find in my face. Oh well, it is a new week and I will do better :)

And don't worry about only 1 pound. Down 1 pound, is down 1 pound. They say the slower it comes off, the harder it is to put back on.

Nonny said...

No weight loss here!! I am happy to start a new week!! No exercise last week and I can't say I didn't cheat.

Heather Fox said...

Good job! With all the temptations and still losing. That takes mad skills! Good job!

♥ Marcy ♥ said...


Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Keep up the good work lady!

And I was wondering about those emails, ick!

Dan and Liz said...

Holy cow, 1 pound is awesome! You should celebrate any weight you lose, no matter how big or small...seriously!
And I know I've mentioned and told you about paleo before and I assume you didn't like it, but that way of eating (or primally, which is what I do) will clean you right out, the healthy way. NO silly cleanse diets or whatever. Have you ever heard of "wheat belly"? Grains/wheat/carby/salty things make you feel bloated and the way you just described. I've learned this only by changing the way I eat, nothing silly. I think I linked you to marksdailyapple.com, but just a reminder for a cool site with tons of info to possibly help ya.
Oh, and I eat dark chocolate every day in small portions, as to not give up that part of my former life :)
Nice work!

The New Adventures of Jessica said...

Congrats on your loss. New Follower and new participant. Thanks for creating this challenge. They are GREAT motivation.

Connie said...

One pound where there was cake around is fantastic!!

I went to a cooking class at Whole Foods over the weekend and found a couple cool products that are perfect for the working Mom that doesn't have much time to make dinner!

Jordan said...

Nice job Becky! You did better than me!! :) My weight just kept going back and forth and I ended up being .2 lbs up. Not too bad though I guess. Here's to a great Week 3!

Francie@EscovedoEscapades said...

Girl, a loss is a loss. Congratulations!