January 28, 2013

Biggest Loser Week 4

Thank you so much if you are still with me today! 
I've been slammed today and it's just been one of those times where I can't seem to get anything done.  Not to mention I didn't do so hot last week as far as weight loss.  I mean I didn't do bad....but I did gain a pound *shutter*.  I don't want to back peddle here???  With February approaching and the candy isles filling up with chocolates I've got to have some willpower.  I have.  I'm not saying I'm sitting there gnawing on a candy bar all day.  I just need to be cautious of my eating. 
Some of you have asked how I liked the Paleo diet.  We did that awhile back with great results.  I don't eat meat.  I will on "occasion" have a chicken breast...but for the most part I am not a meat eater.  The Paleo was a bit hard for me because it is very much protein based.  I get most of my protein from other sources: black beans, cheese, Greek yogurt, nuts, dairy...etc.
I think life is going to slow down for a minute.  I am not even thinking about Connor's 3rd birthday, and by now I usually have some things in order.  I don't even know if we will have a party.  We aren't doing a major vacation this year.  This is our year to pay down debt and by Nov/Dec we will hopefully be DEBT FREE!  How freeing is that!  (I'm trying to be excited about this ya'll!)  Har har har.....
Well, and I don't want to be the fat mom with back rolls taking her kid to the water park.  You know it's about that time because Connor is at the age he likes to do stuff like that.  Dreadful water parks!
The only other thing more freeing than being debt free will be freedom from this extra tire around my waist.  I've not been motivated at all this week.  Work overload+stress. 
How are you all doing???
 Week 4:  + 1 pound
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Janna said...

Aww Becky! Sorry you are having a crazy week!

DEBT FREE would be AWESOME! What an amazing gift for you and your family!

And no worries...you will be that HOT mom at the water park! just keep plugging away!

Anonymous said...

My son is also turning 3 this year and yep he is getting interested in the water and water parks as well. I also don't want to be the chubby mommy. Good Luck this week!

Connie said...

I had a rough week too. But I"m ready to knock it out this week.

Being DEBT free would be so great!5802

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Aw Becky I'm sorry you had a rough week. But just think... DEBT FREE. That'd be AMAZING.

Alphabet Soup Momma said...

I know work stress can be crazy! Hang in there!

And that is awesome to be debt free. It really is freeing!

LWLH said...

You can do this girl! :)
I need to shed the extra tire myself.

Heather Fox said...

I hope that you are having a good week. Don't be so hard on yourself, and keep working hard. You can do it!