December 2, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

We have lights!
Tonight we did something I thought would NEVER happen...we got Christmas lights!  I just love the wreath above the driveway.  We ordered it from Balsam Hill online.  It came in great and it's really is Terence "fluffing" it :-)
I have been begging for Christmas lights for the past three years and I get so excited around the holidays.  We found a really nice guy who was putting them up down the street and he came and did our house too.  He was very reasonably priced and he bought the lights, hung the wreath, and everything!
Last night I was playing with "bokeh" on the Christmas tree.
I Heart Faces had a great tutorial here and I had fun playing with the camera!
Come on cold weather come our way!
I don't know how I'm going to deal with an 80 degree Christmas here in Texas! UGH.
The winner of the Starbucks contest via was Katie from Once Upon a Dime!
Yay Katie!!!! I'll email ya!
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Busy Becka said...

what font is the word Merry Christmas? and where did you find the guy? our NEIGHBOR quoted us $600. you read that right. my neighbor. like next door. and yes, 600. uh. no. send me your guys #. im not fay yanno so maybe he will come!

Becca said...

I tried to convince my fiance to have lights up on the house... Maybe next year! Yours looks so good and I LOVE the wreath!

Debbie said...

LOVE that wreath!!!! so pretty! really hoping a cold front comes in soon. we helped my parents with their lights today and it was so flipping hot outside, haha.

Linds said...

Just gorgeous! I LOVE white lights on houses like you have on yours. Brayden keeps asking me why we don't have any on our house... and I keep telling him to ask his daddy ;)

Lauren said...

LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Susan said...

They came out great. I love bokeh!

Sweet shots...♥