December 12, 2012

Crazy Christmas Stuff I've Seen Lately

Lately when shopping through the stores I've notices several things that are "questionable" Christmas items.  I mean seriously???  Do people really buy/do this???  It's hilarious and I love to see all the crazy that is out there!
#1 Santa in a tub....Yeah I guess Santa has to bathe too.  But in your front yard? Ha ha!
 #2 While looking for an ugly Christmas sweater on EBay the other day I ran across this gem:
 #3 Who would do this??? Ewe....just ewe.
 #4 Pringles in sweet flavors....uhm....yeah.  Anyone tried these?
 #5 A palm tree Christmas
 #6 The politically correct Santa and baby Jesus...we don't know...I've never seen Jesus! 
 #7 Walked by this car in a parking lot the other day....funny and kinda cute?
 Random phone picture dump.....

See this is a typical picture with a 2 year old. 
They don't all turn out good unless you offer chocolate or dangle candy in from of them!
This is how Connor woke up the other day.  He rolled in the bathroom with his sunglasses on his motorcycle.  I love this kid.
Our first baby was a boxer.  We went to Barnes & Noble the other day and saw these boxer babies....sooooo cute!  Santa I want one!!!
 And finally, Connor trying to get $$$ to feed his piggy.  Good luck with that Connor....ha ha!

What crazy Christmas things have you seen lately?
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Sarah Kil said...

bwahahaha! Connor is a hoot! Love the sunglasses pic!

Tristan said...


Lauren said...

Let it be known that palm tree would be totally acceptable here in Florida!! HA :)

The Gist Fam said...

Oh goodness....our neighbor definitely has the bathing santa displayed prominently in their front yard....along with about 5 other inflatables. Apparently there are people out there who buy them.

Jennifer said...

That sweater is hilarious!!! There is definitely some crazy Christmas shenanigans out there. I saw a farting Santa in an outhouse the other day. And of course he farted things like Jingle Bells and Deck the Halls. WOW!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

At the mall today there was this really big guy with a santa coat on but no other Santa stuff. Um, confuse kids much?