December 27, 2012

Christmas on the Farm 2012

Christmas 2012 was so much fun.  Connor and I flew to Arkansas last week to be with my family for an early Christmas.  Daddy couldn't go with us because of work...but that was okay because we got back to spend Christmas day with him :-)
Flying on an airplane with a 2 year old...yeah....not so fun.  People are pretty nice about it....but then you have the guy next to you giving the stare down.  My kid was the one that hit the attendant button 3 times, turned the lights on and off, kept pulling the window shade up and down, refused to buckle, wanted to crawl under the seats.....thank the Lord it was only an hour long flight!  Whew!
My Mom met us at the airport and Connor ran to her and it was the sweetest thing!
I got to go out to dinner with some of my best friends from high school one night.  It also seems like we just missed a big winter storm that hit Arkansas this week.  We would probably be stranded there if we came this week.  Prayers to all of you with power out and hoping the conditions get better soon.
Every year we go to my Nannie & Papa's house for Christmas.  It's the one place we've always had to call home-even when Dad was in the military.  Bonnie and I would get so excited when we drove on the dirt road to the house.  We knew we were almost there!  It's the most peaceful place out in the middle of the country with gorgeous mountain views.  No sounds, cars, or street lights....just peace.
Every year we get to have Christmas at the farm is an extra special blessing.  That was really felt today as we found out my Nannie has cancer.  She had a biopsy in Little Rock to remove a lump she found.  It turned out to be follicular lymphoma.  My Nannie is the most loving, kind hearted, Godly woman you will ever find.  There is none like her.  Please keep her in your prayers.  She's our beacon of light in the family.
So without further ado here are some pictures of our Christmas
{Part One}
Those silly boys!
Connor and Jarrett with Nannie
Bonnie and I wearing the scarves Mom made....she has become quite the scarf maker.

The boys riding the mini-four wheeler & Connor talking on the "phone" ha ha!
 Hope you all are having a blessed Christmas's been super busy coming back to work after being off for a few days.  More updates to come soon!
FYI: All winners of the Favorite Things Giveaway over Christmas have been emailed and notified!!!
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JDaniel4's Mom said...

This looks like such a wonderful place to spend Christmas.

Summer said...

Hi I found your blog through Kelly's Korner monogram swap. I'm interested in boy clothes you have with a "C". I have a Colton and would love to find some C clothes.
My email is summerdeepe at gmail Thanks! Summer

Shoshanah said...

I love the photos with Connor & Jarret together, but especially the ones with them both in their pajamas! I just think it must be so much fun for you and Bonnie to have boys so close in age

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Connor and Jarret are SO cute together Becky! Looks like a good Christmas.

K at Sweet Chaos said...

So sorry to hear about your grandmother. My mom also had lymphoma a couple years ago and was in full recovering in less than 6 months. Hoping and praying the same for your grandmother. Looks like you all had a great Christmas! The farm sounds really peaceful. :)