November 6, 2012

Voting Perks

I got my very first eggnog latte today!!!! Woohoo!!!

Even though it's 75 outside I don't care because when I have one of these in my little grubby hands it feels like fall :-) 

My Mommy sent me this awesome orange infinity scarf.  She knitted it herself!  I make fun of her and say she's officially morphing into an old lady.  Everyone really loves her scarves.  Three of the ladies I work with now want one.  FYI Mom: "Get your knit on!"
Yummy peach raspberry yogurt parfait
Also if you visit Starbucks today you get a bracelet if you have voted!!!
(Excuse the hairy arm???)
Connor got some goodies from Nana and Poppy yesterday too.  He had to carry all his presents inside at once! Ha ha!  He loooooooves his kitty cat.  Ever since Jarrett came to visit and had his kitty cats Connor has wanted a kitty.  Thank you so much Nana & Poppy for my soft kitty, books, towel, and new shirts!
Kissing Kitty :-)
Everyone GO VOTE!!!!

It's our right as Americans & so many have given their lives for our freedom....
please do your job and vote vote vote!!!!
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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I voted, yay!

Jennifer said...

Loving that pumpkin colored scarf - and it looks great on you!

I had Starbucks this morning too, and was slightly bummed that the pumpkin spice latte is already gone. IT's my favorite!

Miranda said...

LOVE YOUR SCARF! It looks great on you!! :)

YAAAY for Starbucks HOLIDAY drinks!!! xoxo!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I voted! What a pretty color of yarn your mom used in the scarf.