November 8, 2012

Random Fidagle Daggle

Yes, the Christmas season is approaching....and I'm excited.  I have NOT forgotten about being thankful and Thanksgiving!  I just really love Christmas and that's a personal thing.  Just ask my Mom and Dad they'll vouch for my obsessive love for the Christmas season.  Now go away 80 degree weather!  Scat and don't come back!

I really wanted to do the Polar Express this year....and I wanted C to wear his new jam jams...but I don't know if that is going to happen???  Maybe next year?
I also got him his first nativity set.  I believe this is a new product by Melissa & Doug this year.  I really want to incorporate the true meaning of Christmas and I think he'll have fun with this wooden nativity set.
Also, for the past 5 years I've been saying I wanted some moose mugs like the ones on Christmas Vacation.  I know that is crazy...but I just love that movie and the mugs make me think of the hilariousness of it all!

Did ya'll see the Google art the other day?  One of my favorite things to do is check out the Google art each day.  It's always a surprise.  They had Bob Ross!  We used to watch him paint on PBS all the time growing up at my Nannie and Papa's house.  I still picture him painting his happy little trees, clouds, and pretty little mountains.  Love that they paid tribute to him :-)
I also got these fabulous zig zag bangles from one of my new favorite stores KiKi La'Rue.

Aren't they so cute!  I love the color combination and it can go with another pieces of jewelry you own: gold or silver.

 I painted my nails rose gold.  I think the polish is from Orly.  Love the shimmer!
Hope you all are having a great week!!!
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Amber Maddux said...

i looked and that polar express is 2 hours away and on weekdays only!!!! WTH :(

Aishlea and Brandon said...

I am the same way. I love Thanksgiving and all, but I LOVE LOVE Christmas! :) I have a tree in my office that stays up year round.

Amber said...

I love Christmas too, and those moose mugs are hilarious!

Trac~ said...

Oh I love all of these Picts but now you have me wanting the moose mugs!! Ha ha. I may have to order them as a surprise for my husband as a gag gift this year. LOL

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

I totally talked Izzy into decorating for Christmas on Thanksgiving. Cannot wait!

Miranda said...


Tristan said... the mugs!!!!!
he is so cute in his jammies!!

LWLH said...

I would totally love to have those moose mugs!! :)