November 23, 2012

Christmas Photo Tips

I love to use rolls of wrapping paper for photo backdrops.  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on cloths and vinyls.  It's all about proportion.  I did these shot pretty close up because I didn't want to plaster my wall with paper....but you get the point!  They turned out pretty good!
He was actually just sitting on the bed, on a stool, in the extra bedroom. 
I had the windows open and the light shining in......
Candy and bribery go a long way when photographing 2 year olds!

 And eventually it comes to this..."Mom stop crazy yo!"
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Tamara @ Southern Yankee Mix said...

So cute! I've used rolls of wrapping paper as backdrops for food and other items but no people yet. I have 3 kids I need pictures of and I suppose it could work if I did all of their pics individually and then did a collage card. Can you imagine trying to photograph 3 kids (one newborn) all together with 1 roll of paper as the background?! LOL That could be interesting...

Nicole M. Hutchison said...

What a great idea, you're so smart! I would have never thought to use wrapping paper, geesh. And you're little man is adorable, but I don't blame him for getting tired. I would have done the same thing. HA!

Hugs to you, happy Thanksgiving, and see you soon at the bloggers meet-up!

Nicole @ Three 31

Miranda said...

LOVE this tip! So smart! Thank you for sharing! :)

Goldie said...

What a great idea to use the wrapping paper as a backdrop! Love it, and the "Bokeh" is great on your camera as well!


Cooking Up Faith said...

Great idea...and simple. I like simple. :) You must have a great camera too!