October 23, 2012

Let The Good Times Roll!

I have a few more pictures I wanted to share from our weekend with Bon, Vinny, and Jarrett.  A lot of you ask my about Bonnie from time to time and how she is doing....she's contemplating blogging again and I hope she does it!  I miss her blogging with me :-)

Vinny is a really nice guy and he's a pharmacist in Little Rock.  He was also very good with Jarrett, so that is such a blessing.  Hopefully things will continue to go well for them and it was nice to meet the man in her life!

I just hope they take their time and let the relationship develop.  Pray for them as they continue their journey together!  Overall, I'm glad she's happy and it's good to see her in a healthy, happy, loving place right now.

The boys had such a good time together playing and wrestling and tearing up the house....but isn't that what all 2 year olds do???

I just wish they could spend more time together!

Watching Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
It's always a tradition for us to get scratch off tickets when Bonnie comes to visit.  This started a long time ago and we've just continued doing it!  We both put in $20 and we won $109!!!  Woohoo!!!
 Our Moolah!
 Saying goodbye to cousin....
 This was our first night at dinner...I don't know why both our eyes are closed....but it's funny!
 Maybe the flash bothered Connor? ha ha!
 Me and Bon and our false teeth
We could so be on Toddlers & Tiaras with our "flippers"
You think we could win???

 I love this picture of Connor and Terence...melt my heart!
 Bath time! They played in there for a long time.
On Sunday we met up with Amber for breakfast at La Madeleine's....we were fashionably late thanks to Bonnie.  This is notorious for her.....believe me I grew up with her!

We had a fab breakfast with Amber and visit :-)
I can't wait until ya'll come back soon!
Thanks for coming to see us!!!

Actually I can't wait to go home to AR to see all my friends and family too.....home again home again...here I come!
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Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

They are SO CUTE together, oh my goodness!

And kudos on that extra cash you won!

Tristan said...

they are precious together!!
so happy for bonnie..she totally needs to blog again!!
glad you had such a nice visit!

LWLH said...

Cutest little cousins evah!!