September 3, 2012

Things That Make You Go ???

  • Connor said he feet hurt the other day.  After he told me for the third time I finally looked down and noticed I put his shoes on the wrong feet???

  • Terence taking us out on a family hike today in 100+ degree temps.  I literally had to crawl back to the car.  I thought I was going TO.DIE.

  • Braum's new nacho cheeseburger.  Ewe.

  • There was a kid on our hiking trip with jeans and a jacket in the world is he alive???

  • Connor won't say hi to our friends and family when we ask him to, but he will say hi to every random stranger on the street or in a store.  Including the homeless man on the street corner smoking a cig.

  • You know it's time for a haircut when someone tells you how beautiful SHE is....meaning your son.

  • I was so bored this weekend I watched Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Now I feel 95% more stupid.  Why are the Manzo's trying to market black water??? Weird.
Anyway....I don't wanna go back to work tomorrow Mama!!!!! Waaaaahhhhh!!!!
We've been having a blast just chilling this weekend as a fam.  I love my boys :-)

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Joanna said...

haha! funny post. Those moments happen to me a lot. and I am so with you! I do NOT want to go back to work and class tomorrow at ALL (or start my homework...)

Jamie said...

Love this! My son picks and chooses if he'll say hi to our friends and family but he sure will acknowledge every single stranger he comes across. :)

Amber said...

Someone called Connor a SHE? I think all those curls are precious!

Linds said...

My Connor puts his shoes on his feet wrong ALL THE TIME. And then he complains of his "ouchies." Drives me bonkers. I LOVE your Connor's hair.... shame on that person for saying he was a she!

Melody206 said...

This was too funny! The shoes on wrong feet was hilarious. Your son is cute! You wouldn't find me anywhere where there's no ac if it is 100 degrees out.

Summer Athena said...

love you. miss you. lots.

Jessica Renee said...

How did someone even mistake him for a girl? Ridiculous! His curls are precious!!

Next time you're that bored just hop in the car and come visit me ;) Not like it's far or anything.

Trac~ said...

I love everything related to Dove. They smell so good too! Oh and I think your and Conner's hair is beautiful and I love the curls! :)) I have finally rejoined the blogging world so please stop by if you get a chance sometime! :))

Tristan said...

hahaha..i have totally done the shoe thing!